Book Review| Xodus by K.J. McPike


Title: Xodus

Series: Astralis

Author: K.J. McPike

Genre: YA, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal

Pages: 389

Format: Kindle

Published: September 19th 2015

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for a honest review. I want to thank the author for sending me this book. I also want to apologize for the late review.


All Lali Yavari wanted for her sixteenth birthday was for her mom to come back. Instead, she starts flashing between realities and seeing people disappear before her very eyes. Then the unsettling Kai Awana shows up at school, and Lali soon discovers she has inherited the ability to astral project—with a surprising twist. When Kai offers to use his own unique ability to help Lali find her mother in exchange for her help on a misguided mission, she can’t refuse…even if she’s not quite sure she can trust him.

In her thrilling urban fantasy debut, award-winning author K.J. McPike takes us on a ride with “enough tantalizing twists and turns to captivate readers, transforming them into instant fans” (SPR). Don’t miss this whirlwind adventure, where what one girl learns about her mother’s past will make her question everything she thought was true—and just might put her family in even more danger.


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