Bookish Pet Peeves II: Fictional Romance

In this post I’m going to say what I don’t like about fictional romance. These days, most novels or series have some romance in them; if it’s not the main plot (romance novels), it’s an important sub-plot. In my opinion, there isn’t too much variety; it’s like you read the same formula, with small differences, even thou the novels are suppose to be different. Here is a list with some of my pet peeves; the order is random.

love at first slate

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My bookish pet peeves! (I)

I decided to write a post about my book pet peeves. I will not write all them here, I’ll break it into several posts.

1. Quantity vs quality

I’m not referring only to big books, but also to trilogies and series. Many trilogies can be cut down into a single novel, while series can be cut down to trilogies or 4 novels.  I’ve read several series where one or two novels were just fillers; they could’ve been inserted into the previous book(s). Of course, there are some exceptions.

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