Book Review: Thunderlight (The Dragonian Series, 2 ) by Adrienne Woods

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Title: Thuderlight, book 2

Series: The Dragonian Series

Genre: Novel

Author: Adrienne Woods

Store: Amazon

Format: Kindle

Cover: ★★★★★ Again, I love the cover. It is connected with the novel’s story, and it is beautifully done. 5 stars.

The first chapter of Thuderlight can be read on the author’s website. Here is the link: Thunderlight, Chapter 1

Summary: The story starts where Venom ended. After Elena spends the summer with Becky and Sammy, she goes back to school for a new year. She is still not very good in school, and she has problems learning the new materials. However, she does not seems to spends too much time in the library trying to understand it. There is a new character introduced at the beginning of the novel, which will play a big part in this novel. His name is Paul Sutton, and he is a Wyvern. In Paegeia Wyverns are seen as bad, and evil, since most of them have dangerous powers, and sided with the Goran, the person who killed the last King and Queen. However, Paul claims that he wants to be good, and that’s why he comes to Dragonia Academy. He also claims that Elena is his rider, and becomes very close to her. Blake is his typical self; dark and mysterious. Elena starts so hear a voice in her head, which tells poems in Latin. She thinks they’re Paul’s thoughts, which is the main reason that makes her believe that Paul is indeed her dragon. There is some action, where the school in under attack by Wyverns, but everything ends well. However, at the end of the novel, one of the main characters dies, trying to save Elena. This event leads to Elena transforming into a dragon, Continue reading “Book Review: Thunderlight (The Dragonian Series, 2 ) by Adrienne Woods”