*UPDATE* Cover & Info: Moonbreeze & (The Dragonian Series, 4 ), by Adrienne Woods

*UPDATE* Cover & Info: Moonbreeze & (The Dragonian Series, 4 ), by Adrienne Woods

To get some clearance. Moonbreeze release date is in November. The Exclusive Review challenges that is taking place at…

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Adrienne didn’t post an exact date, but from what she said on her Facebook page, Moonbreeze will be released somewhere in the middle of November, or toward the end.

To read the first 9 chapters of Moonbreeze, click here. Or simply, go over to the top menu –> The Dragonin Series–> Moonbreze–> chose the chapter you want to read.

Starlight, the final novel, will be release next year, in January, or in February (latest.)

If all goes to plan. Starlight will be released Jan latest Feb next year. 3 months after Moonbreeze. Back to back editing for my editors

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If you didn’t get the chapters that were already send, send me an e-mail via Contact Me, I will forward them to you.

The release date is set for November. Also, the exclusive review challenge already started, and  the top ten will be announced at the end of September. The winner will get to read Moonbreeze this month; an entire month and a half, if not two months, before release date. The first two challenges are up.

The second challenge started today!

First challenge, number one.This week there is a couple of things you can participate in. One of them is sharing this…

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“One Night in Winter” Book Review

Sounds like a great book. I’ll definitely read it soon, and post my own thoughts about it.

Emily Reads Books

I really really liked this book. Perfect balance of history, mystery, and love. I adore Russian history and this book delivers on the historical aspect. I love the author’s attention to detail in this book. It really makes me feel as if I were really there. (I’m glad I’m not, though. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to live in Stalinist Russia.) My only real issues were that the pacing was a little uneven and I could feel at times there were definitely slower parts were not much happened; and that there were a few too many characters in this book which made it a little hard to stay that connected to and follow their storyline. But, that being said I really enjoyed most of the characters and their relationships. I also really liked the ending and how it was bittersweet, but beautiful. I couldn’t help but feel a little sadness…

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