Cover Reaveal: Dawn of Ash (Imdalind Series #6) by Rebecca Ethington

 We finally have a cover for Dawn of Ash! I’ve been waiting for this book for months, especially since the last book ended in a cliff-hanger! I cannot wait to see what will happen with Joclyn, Ilyan, Ry, Wyn, and the others. Since the cover and the blurb is here, I hope the book will be released soon, either this month or in December.
I love the cover! Since the person in the cover has blond hair, and golden ribbons, I suppose it is Ilyan. But why is a hand pulling his hair? Why is it cover in blood? I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

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Dawn Of Ash Info (Imdalind Series #6)

Dawn Of Ash Info (Imdalind Series #6)

Dawn of Ash was suppose to come out this summer, but plans changed. Also, this will not be the final book. There will be Dawn of Ash, and another one.

Rebecca made a YouTube video explaining everything. Here it is:

Here is her Facebook Page:

And her website:

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