Book Review: Mister Pip, by Llyod Jones

Mister Pip 2


Title: Mister Pip

Genre: Novel

Author: Llyod Jones

Store: Amazon

Format: Kindle

Cover: ★★★★ I find the cover to be nice enough. It does connect to the novel, which is always good. 🙂

Before reading this novel, I suggest you do a little bit of research about Papua New Guinea, and Bougainville Island, which is part of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville . I am saying this because if you don’t know the context, you might come to the wrong conclusion.

While the novel is about a 12 year old girl, the themes are more suitable for adults, or at least a person with a more mature mind. Matilda, the main character, is one of the many native children living on the island. All people on the island are black, with one exception: Mr.Tom Watts, or Pop-Eye. Mr.Watts is married to a local women that he met in New Zealand. Matilda, and the rest of the locals, live during harsh times. There is a civil war going on in Papua New Guinea. The “redskins” are the ethnic group of Papua New Guinea, while the “rebels” are natives of the Bougainville Island. These two ethic groups are different, and do not get along. I want to mention that the natives of Bouganiville do indeed call the Papua New Guinea’s natives “redskins”. It is not something the author came up with. I also do not think it is a name given out of hate, rather a way of naming a group of people that is different from the one living on the island. The rebels want Bouganinville to become independent of Papua New Guinea; on the other hand, Papua New Guinea wants to keep it under their authority because Bougainville  is rich in minerals, especially copper and gold.   Continue reading “Book Review: Mister Pip, by Llyod Jones”