Cover VS. Cover Tuseday

Cover VS. Cover Tuseday

I was thinking to post different covers for the same novels, and see which one looks better. Therefore, this post will strictly about book covers, not the stories behind them. I got my inspiration for this post from Sue’s blog .

The Vampire Diaries, 1-2:

the vamp 1-2.2 the vamp 1-2

This one is though call. The second one looks like Twilight, and the first one is man’s half-face. I’m not very fond of them. Now, if I would’ve have to choose just between these two covers, I would go with the second one. It is a little bit more mysterious, yet simple.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 1

the girl2 the girl1

Personally, I like the second cover. Sometimes simple is better.

Imdalind 1

kiss of fire imdalind2

This time, I’ll go with cover number 1. It’s gorgeous, especially if you compare it with the one on the right. Honestly, the second cover might be the worst cover I have ever seen. 😦

Harry Potter 2

chamber of secrets harry potter_edited-1

A though one. I personally like both of them. However, I think I like the first one a little bit more.

The Dragonian Series 1

firebolt2 firebolt

I like this type of covers. I prefer them over the ones with people. That’s just me.
I like the second cover. The first one is too childish.

Obsidian 1

lux14 lux11

I like the second cover, again. I think it is more mysterious, and catchy.

What do you think? Which one is your favorite, and why? Tell me your opinion in the comments below.
Also, let me know if I should do more posts like this.


7 Popular Books I Have Not Read

7 Popular Books I Have Not Read

to kill a mockingbird

Yes, I have not read To Kill A Mockingbird by Lee, even though many people love it. Maybe I will, some day.


Popular series. I’ve heard about it for a while now. I think I knew about it since it came out. However, the synopsis did not attract me. I’m not a bit fan of books about angels in general, and star-crossed lovers.

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