Chapter 7

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Chapter Seven

Always the same notes! Still needs to get edited by two more editors.

We all jumped into Sammy’s car, I hardly apologized to Jimmy for leaving so abruptly, but the rest of the parents and Cheng stayed behind so I’m was sure he would get filled in to why we’d left so suddenly.

The drive felt long and all I did was stare at the bright pendant that was glowing still brightly underneath my sleeve.

I wasn’t the only one, Isabel was staring at it too, with horror and tears lacing her eyes as she had her Cammy in her hands, redialing Sir Robert’s number time and time again.

I was fuming, how long was he planning on hitting him? Where the hell was Tabitha?

Why doesn’t he stop?

The aches were almost gone, but I had a bit of a slight sting across my back still.

We finally reached the wooden gates and it felt as if I could blow fire myself.

Blake must have been intoxicated once again as it’s the only time Sir Robert could do this. He was much stronger than his father.

The car had hardly stopped when Isabel and I were already out and running into the house.

No screams. It was the sound proofing walls.

“Where are they?” I asked. and images flashed suddenly through my mind. They were vague, but I could make out some equipment, fighting spears.

“What is it, Elena?”

“You have a training room somewhere?”

Isabel turned around and run immediately toward the direction to where they must be.

We stopped in front of a hulking steel door. Still no sound. The images were gone from my mind as Isabel hammered frantically on the door. She pounded with her fists as she couldn’t get it. My pendant was still glowing.

“Robert stop, you are killing him.”

I didn’t know what we were going to find inside.

Everyone reached us and George tried with his lighting to open the door. Sammy tried to burn the hinges and lock but the steel was too strong. My pendant was still glowing.

Isabel was still screaming and George grabbed her tight.

Nothing worked. Sir Robert was going to kill Blake if we didn’t get in there.

“Step aside,” I finally spoke and for the first time in a long time, my ability formed in the palm of my hand. It was my fire. He must be really weak for this to work.

As one, they all backed away from me as they knew what my fire did if it came into contact with anyone.

I touched the lock and this time it started to melt. I guessed Sammy’s fire wasn’t strong enough. The hinges against the doors were next and they too melted.

Dean and George with the help of Sammy grabbed the door as it was ready to fall.

We stepped aside as they lowered it to the floor.

I didn’t waste time and walked with Isabel inside.

“Robert, enough!” Isabel screamed and ran right between Blake’s body sprawled out on the table and Robert’s blows. Blake was tied to a rock table, like an animal.

Sammy started to cry as blood was everywhere around Blake and the floor again.

Tabitha was lying in a corner unconscious. Everything was happening so fast and then Sir Robert started hitting Isabel to get to Blake.

I didn’t think and struck him with lightning. He flew into the wall of shields.

My blood was boiling as Isabel just cried. I could hear he soft pleas and fast hits slaps on his cheek, trying to get Blake to open his eyes.

I walked over to Robert who was starting to get back up and struck him again with my telekinesis. It was so easy now that Blake was stone cold to wield them. He flew up and came crashing hard into the floor.

I did it again and again.

And felt good as he kept crashing into the floor.

More abilities were unleased on him, ones that really hurt. I found myself on top of him. with both legs kneeling on each side of his chest, and then I started beating the living crap out of him.

Dean and George struggled to get me off Sir Robert. I was so out of it.

“Elena, calm down, just calm down.” Dean spoke softly to me as I growled. I literally growled and then reality came back and I realized what I’d done out of anger. What was I turning into?

Sir Robert’s body was lying in a heap, bloody face and swollen eyes. My hand ached and my knuckles were raw, covered with blood.

“It’s over,” Dean still spoke. I pushed him away and run up to my room.

I fell on my knees and just screamed as my door shut with a loud bang. How could I do that to my father’s dragon. Was he okay? Worse, was Blake okay.

He’d never beat him like that before, ever, not even the first time I’d experienced it, but then again I hadn’t saw the first time.

I spoke no words during that fight. Nothing left my mouth, not a warning, nothing. I didn’t even try to calm him, bring him back to reality.

What was I turning into?




I took a shower and went onto my opening. Why they’d built this, I had no idea.

I wasn’t a dragon, well, not anymore.

The images of tonight’s beating, Isabel’s screaming when Robert struck her echoed in my mind. It hadn’t wanted to stop.

I wished that I could just go away, leave like all the dragons could.

Sammy and Dean left, she’d transformed and Dean had gone with her. She could never handle these beatings and was somewhere trying to calm down, trying to breath.

Becky, well she was slightly stronger and I knew George and her were helping with damage control.

I stared at the night sky, it was so beautiful, and I would have given anything to have gone with Sammy, to fly again.

“Elena,” Constance or Isabel’s voice came from my door that lead to the opening.

I turned my head and found Constance. She rushed over to me as tears rolled over my cheek.

Her arms enfolded me. “Shhh, Issy told me that Robert was experiencing some dark himself lately.”

“I could’ve killed him.”

“You didn’t. He’s fine and to be honest that beating, it was just what he needed to get pulled back into the light.”

I sniffed.

“Why does he still need them?” I asked thinking all of a sudden about Emanuel. He said he hadn’t needed one for almost five years.”

“He hadn’t had a beating for a long time, Elena. It’s been almost eighteen years now.”

I shook my head. “No, King Helmut said he would do it.”

“Lucian died before he got to it. I’m so sorry.”

I nodded and sniffed.

“Let me heal your hands.”

“No, I deserve this.”

She gave me a stern look. “You don’t. This is what Dragonians have to do, well unless the Chromatics are part of a Dent.”

I knew that, but still. I felt like I had to walk with my pain too.

“Let me heal them, please.”

I just looked at her.

“I know you feel like crap, I’ve seen this face plenty of times when your father had to beat Robert, but it has to be done, Elena. Now give me your hands.”

I did as she asked and her hands immediately started glowing, the warmth spread over my knuckles, up to my wrists as she healed my bruised hands from the punches I’d given Sir Robert.

“I can promise you this, he will think twice now before laying a hand on that boy.”

I didn’t want to laugh, but a laugh escaped my lips. It was probably the shock of tonight’s events. I never wanted to see something like that again, or be part of anything like that.

“Is he okay?” I asked.

“I told you before, Robert is fine.”

“I’m not speaking about Robert. Blake, is Blake okay?”

She just stared at me and had to suppress her own tears.


She shook her head and forced a smile. “He hasn’t woken up yet, but Isabel is with him. I think you guys got to him just in time… Robert almost killed him this time.”

I just looked at the sky again, not wanting to think about if my fire hadn’t come.

“It’s why he needs to Dent, Elena.”

“It’s not up to me, Constance.” I said not looking at her. “I tried. Didn’t you see the bike in the garage?” I turned my head back to her.

She smiled and sniffed again.

I wiped my own tear away. “Besides, nobody knows if the Dent will even work with him. He is not like the other dragons and the last Rubicon was killed.”

“Many dragons were killed with Quitto,” She said. “It was how things were back then. No dragon was trusted. But Irene saw it, Elena. He will return to the light. We have to believe that.”

I nodded.

She made everything sound so peaches and cream.

“Poor Sammy, what was supposed to be her best birthday ever just became her worst.”

“She is a gentle soul, Elena, but she is stronger than you believe. She’s going to be fine. Grateful that you got to her brother in time and grateful for what you have done for her father.”

I didn’t know about that, but I guessed I would just wait to see.

Just then Becky walked through the door followed by George.

She blew out a deep breath, the kind that made her lips slightly vibrate.

“What a night,” George said followed by a huge breath too.

“You okay?” Becky crouched in front of me with her hand touching my arm.

“Yeah, I just feel like crap and still feel a bit of anger. I don’t like this.”

“I know it sucks.” Becky hugged me while my one hand was still gently lying in Constance’s.

“I think that should do it,” Constance said and let go of my hand.

“Thank you,” I said. I still felt that I didn’t deserve her healing this time but she was adamant.

“We are going to track down Dean and Sammy,” Becky said and got up.

I nodded and gave her a slight smile.

“You want to come with?”

I looked at her and then at George.

“It’s not negotiable,” George said and walked back so that he could transform.

I looked away as he started to get undressed.

“I’ll see you later,” Constance got up, touch my cheek softly, and walked back into my room.

“I don’t know Becky. I don’t think Sammy wants to see me right at this moment.”

“You are shitting me right?”

“I almost killed her father.”

“Who almost killed her brother. Stop your whining and come. She needs both of us, not just me.”

She reached out her hand for me and I looked at it for a couple of seconds. George transformed and a low grumble came from him. He wasn’t as beautiful either, with his two huge horns on his nose, and frilly ears with beady eyes, eyes that I thought could see into my soul a long time. But he had the most beautiful blue scales reflecting off his face in the moon light. “I’m not going to bite, Elena.”

I smiled and finally took it Becky’s hand. She helped me up. “It’s going to be fun.” Becky’s nose wrinkled up and I couldn’t help but snort.

“Let’s go.”

She climbed onto George’s back, pressing hard with her boots against the side of his torso. It was so easy for her. It was also the first that I saw her flying with him without her stupid saddle and once she found herself stabled on his back, she nodded once, a nudge, that it was my turn.

I climbed on his wing the way I had that day with Cheng and stationed myself behind Becky.

George took a quick run and pushed himself off the ledge before he opened his wings.

We were a few flaps up into the air in seconds.

It was a gorgeous night. A bit chilly I thought as as I used an incantation to form protection over my eyes.

“Have you sensed her yet?” Becky spoke in Latin.

“I’m getting some vibes up ahead,” George spoke in a deep voice.

It was amazing how fast he picked something up.

He flew in the direction, and in fifteen minutes plenty of trees came up. He landed and we saw Dean holding Sammy. She was calm.

I slid off George’s wing first. My feet barely touched the ground when Sammy flung her arms around me and cried again.

“Shhhh,” I stroked her back. “It’s going to be okay.”

“Thank you,” she said through sniffs and it brought tears to my eyes.

“Sammy, I almost killed your father.”

She sniffed again and wiped her eyes. “You didn’t, he needed that.” More tears welled up in her eyes. “How’s Blake?”

“He hasn’t woke up yet,” Becky answered. “He’ll be okay, Sammy. He’s the…”

“Don’t say it. I don’t care if he’s the stupid Rubicon. Why isn’t he accepting this? Hasn’t he experienced darkness enough? Why is he holding on so long?” She started to break down.

Becky and George both shrug.

“If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be the Rubicon.” I told her what Cheng had said to me.

“It’s not okay. What if he never Dents?”

“Then I’ll just have to start beating the crap out of him too.”

She giggled. “It’s not funny, I’m serious.”

“Sammy, you are speaking about the future, unless you are a Moon-Bolt that can see my future, worry about it. If not, don’t.”

“Okay,” she sulked and hugged me again. “Thanks again.”

“I wish I could say it was my pleasure but it wasn’t.”

“I know you feel crap, but my father needed a beating himself Elena, for a very long time. I’m glad it came from you.”

I wished I shared her theory but I didn’t. I never want to beat a dragon ever again. “Sorry about the crappy b-day.”

“It’s fine. What would a birthday be without family feuds.”

Becky laughed and hugged her too. “We still have this baby to finish.” She took out a bottle of shooters and a faint smile lit up Sammy’s face.

We spent the entire night, just the five of us and a bottle of shooters.

We even watched the sun coming up on the horizon. It was stunning how the orange and soft pink colors started to light up Paegeia. Dragons soared in the distance and for the first time in a long time, I truly felt like I was home. If they had to send me back to the other side again, I would feel lost. This was my home, always should’ve been and always will. 

Hope you guys enjoyed it.

Adrienne Woods

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