Chapter 5

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Chapter Five

Remember that this chapter still needs to be edited a couple of times!!!

It’s been almost an entire week, and nothing major had happened in the Blake department.

I knew that I’d gotten through to Tabitha, but whether she has talked to him about it or not, I didn’t know.

The only thing that seemed to change was the pressure of the Council, still wanting to know how far I came into persuading him.

Sir Robert didn’t like the kind of pressure they were putting on me. It wasn’t the rider’s responsibility to make the dragon take up his duties. He feared them not giving him space and time, would only drive us further apart, as if we were some estranged couple.

Another thing that had set in, was I was finally starting to become more active in decisions regarding Paegeia.

King Helmut and to my surprise, King Caleb too, has agreed to letting me sit in the meetings when it concerned Paegeia’s future.

I was freed from the boring everyday details, but I’d also learned that it was crucial to know what was said in those meetings at it clearly helped with making decision regarding granting them what they wanted or not.

But I had a say in the matter. So it wasn’t just two that made these decisions anymore it was back to three. I took my father’s place.

The first choice was some sort of an expanding decision. They wanted to take on another deal on the other side of the world.

The little I’d learned in those horrible three weeks during my summer break, was that Paegeia was enriched with oil.

It made me think about the Ewings from Dallas, even though I knew JR and Bobby didn’t really exist, I keep seeing a JR somewhere on the other side trying to get his hands on Paegeia’s oil.

My father used to love Dallas, and I’d actually started liking JR, the day he died.

“Helmut, you would be stupid not to take this on,” King Caleb said.

“I don’t like this. Have you even considered the consequences?”

“Consequences. We are protected by a wall, one where they can’t come in, unless they want to stay here forever. A part which they are well informed off.”

“I can’t believe that you went behind my back.”

“I told you before,” King Caleb interrupted. “I didn’t. They knew somehow about Paegeia and the oil.”

“How, Caleb?”

“A dragon might have enlightened them.”

King Helmut started to laugh, as if it was the biggest bull he’d ever heard.

Was King Caleb really spreading the word, about the existence of Paegeia to the other side. Why? That was my major concern.

“We can expand, Helmut.”

“At what cost, Caleb?” He shook his head. “The oil rigs this side have done more than enough for Paegeia, to go and find new rigs, it’s in places that doesn’t want anything to do with money or give a damn if they are sitting on a gold mine.”

“And that is exactly why we have to make them see. They can enrich the cities. Make them better.”

“They don’t care about those things. I have thought about this and they just want to be left alone.”

I squinted. “What places are we talking about?”

King Caleb sighed as King Helmut looked at me with a soft smile. “The Dragon cities.”

I raised my eyebrows and looked at King Caleb.

“Elena, don’t. You don’t know what this could mean to Paegeia.”

“What can this mean to Paegeia, as the only thing I see in my mind is forcing dragons that still want nothing to do with humans to let humans into their everyday lives, drilling for oil. That is what you are seeing, right.”

His lips thinned out. He didn’t like my reply and I knew he didn’t like granting me any sort of choice in this matter.

“So I take it your vote is going to be a no, and yours too Helmut.” He smiled. “Just like the old days,” he said got up and left.

“Caleb, don’t be like that.”

The door to the consulting room in King Helmut’s Palace shut loudly. It made me jump.

“How could he not see that what he is asking is wrong?”

“Elena, Caleb is a good kinh but sometimes I just think he has lost his reason.”

I giggled softly. “Yeah, the more I’m hearing some of these things, the more I can see that.”

“Still, it’s a brave decision you’ve made. Your father would’ve been proud. As for Caleb, he really wanted this to go through, so I can’t say what this is going to mean for you in the long run.”

“It doesn’t matter what he is going to try to do, he needs to deal with the fact that I am part of this world, and it is part of me. I’m my father’s daughter and even though he doesn’t like it, he needs to find a way to accept it.”

King Helmut smiled. “If only you could have that confidence in a hall filled with Council members.”

“I’m still working on that one,” I giggled.

We sat at the table for the next couple of hours and the two of us worked through the rest of the choices. He let me make up my own mind, presented them to me, we discussed the outcome rationally. We granted a couple of things and declined a couple. There were even a couple that I disagreed with him about and he put it into the pile until we had a third voice back.

When the pile was finished, I was transported back to the Academy.

I felt lifted, for the first time ever since the truth came out, I was being treated like a princess. I was given a chance to be heard and from all the smiles and nods from Helmut, even if we didn’t agree, I could tell that I reminded him of my father, or maybe my mother. Whichever one, it made me feel good as it meant I was finally filling their shoes, large shoes I might add, but I was stepping into them.

I had a good day, not one filled with a pesky dragon who loved to complain about how unfair this claim was blah, blah, blah. I had bigger things to be concerned about and for once, Blake wasn’t one of them.

But it also made it more clear that my future was going to be a lonely one as I knew for a fact nobody was going to want me. Not with this Dent hanging over my head.

They all feared the Rubicon, even if he didn’t want me.

Still, I didn’t go and cry about it on a daily basis.

He really thought that he was the only one suffering here but he was so wrong.



“Blake!” Tabitha yelled.

We were in Mia’s class again.

“I told you the other night to stay out of this, Tabitha.”

“She just needs the Rubicon.”

He chuckles. “I am the Rubicon.”

“Then act like it,” I yelled at him. “This constant bitching and moaning about how unfair this is, it’s not the Rubicon at all. You are being a coward,” I gasped. “Oh, I forgot, you are one tenth of a Snow Dragon. No offence,” I looked at Tabitha. “Which must be what’s guiding you at the moment. Well when all the other nine parts show themselves again, let me know.”

The entire class started clapping. Ever since they found out that I could stand up for them to Blake, they’d gained a bit more confidence.

“Do what you want, I keep telling you that. I don’t want you like that. But I need that mutt that lingers inside of you.” I sighed. He hadn’t said anything back yet. “Let’s just do what it is we have to do and be done with it, Blake. After that you can do whatever you want.”

“Oh, yeah. You sure about that. Cause people tend to say things they don’t mean, Elena.”

My lips  thinned. “I’m not one of them. And you know that!” I yelled and stomped away.

He did know it. I’d proved it to him once when I’d had to find the King of Lion sword. I could’ve ask to see my mother and would’ve seen Queen Catherine then all of this might have been different, but I didn’t. I went in for one purpose, to find that sword.

I did what I said I would. We even spoke about that. How could he insinuate that I would change my mind.



I was raving mad for almost an entire day. Two more crows came from the Council asking me how far I was with the Rubicon. “Making progress,” I wrote on the piece of parchment as hard as I could and sent the last crow back. Still it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

More news came but I was glad it wasn’t sent via crow, this news was coming from a babbly Fire-Tail dragon that was smiling from ear to ear when she got into the room.

“The manor is finished. My parents have invited all of us over for dinner this Friday.”

“We leaving Dragonia?” Becky asked.

Sammy nodded.

“Freedom!” Becky yelled. “What about a celebration at Longbottoms, Elena?”

“We are going to have a celebration at the manor, Becky.” Sammy’s voice was pitching.

“I’m with Sammy.”



Friday came fast and we couldn’t wait to finally see the manor. Sir Robert came to fetch all of us. The limo ride’s vibe was extremely thick as the ass and his precious were sharing it with us.

Still, Sir Robert didn’t care about his son’s foul mood. He talked with everyone about how beautiful it’d turned out.

When the limo stopped at the Port in Elm, reporters was waiting outside again.

“Just fucking great. You just had to bring her too, didn’t you,” he spoke to his father.

“Don’t Blake. Elena is part of this family.”

Blake had that sarcastic grin on his face, and shook his head. “You live in a dream world old man,” he said and got out of the limo before Sir Robert could say anything.

From the look on his face, I could see another beating was coming.

“Wipe that out of your mind, immediately,” I said and he grunted softly.

Reporters yelled as Blake shut the door. He didn’t say anything, answered none of their questions and by a plop and tear sound I knew he’d transformed and was probably in the air right now.

Tabitha was still in the limo with us. “I’m sorry about that. He sure is different.”

“It’s fine, Tabitha. I know this isn’t easy on you either.”

She didn’t say anything although it was evident on her face.

More flashes came as I exited after Sir Robert.

“Elena, so where are you going?”

“Home,” I said with a smile.

“You mean Etan?” Another asked.

“If I was leaving for Etan, believe me it would be a glorious day.”

Everyone laughed again, including the party I’d came with.

“So that means that the Rubicon hasn’t Dented yet?”

“I don’t need him to Dent, but I do need him to get me past those deadly snatchers.” I remembered what Sir Robert had called them that one time and thought it was an appropriate thing a Princess would say.

Another question came and Sir Robert intervened. “The princess has answered enough questions for now.”

I smiled as we were separated from the reporters by a private door that lead to a private section reserved for the royal and famous people of Paegeia. Thankfully, the elevator to Tith was fast.

I actually took a chair next to Tabitha.

“So, I take it you didn’t have much luck with him either?”

“I’m trying my best, Elena. It’s not easy asking him to do that.”

“Tabitha, I told you before, I don’t want him, not like that.”

“So you did.”

“I meant it.”

She actually gave me a smile. It wasn’t the kind she gave Blake but she’d given me one. Something I thought would never come from her.

We both screamed from excitement and patted our hair down when the ride came to a stop.

More flashlights were waiting on the other side and Sir Robert did all the talking as we reached his SUV. He’d gotten rid of that old rust bucket he’d used to drive and bought the meanest black four-wheel drive anyone had ever seen.

Sammy took the front with the rest of us climbing into the back.

George and Dean said that they would join us later that night.

The drive was excruciating as we were all super excited to see the manor.

He pulled in front of a large wooden gate. It was gorgeous, made from a deep mahogany with huge letters spelling out their surname carved into the wood.

“The gate is gorgeous.” Sammy’s voice broke and her father laughed.

“It’s just the gate, Sammy. Wait till you see your room.”

We all giggled as the gate opened and my heart started to bounce a bit faster as a huge double story manor began to reveal itself through the trees.

Gasps filled the air.

The house was colossal, built with dark stone brick and the biggest windows I had ever seen.

Vines ranked all over the walls.

I felt like a dwarf against this giant structure in front of me.

Sir Robert parked and we all got out, not saying a word.

The second story had balconies, but they weren’t the type I was familiar with. These reminded me of the opening of caves. They had no railings and for the love of blueberries I couldn’t understand why they were built like that.

“Okay, now I’m worried none of you have said a word, except that the gate is beautiful.”

Sammy flung her arms over her dad’s neck. “It’s stunning Dad.” She let him go. “Is that what I think it is?” She pointed at the exact same thing I was staring at.

“Blake told you about it?”

She nodded.

Just then, a huge purple dragon dove out from the clouds and landed on the balcony we were staring at. He walked into the opening and the last thing I saw was his spiky tail disappearing.

“Wrong room, son!” Sir Robert yelled and we all laughed.

I now understood why they were built this way. None of them had to use the front door, they each had their own separate entrance to their rooms. My mouth gaped. The house didn’t even shake when he landed and Blake was massive.

“That is so frawsome!” I yelled.

Everyone laughed. Including Becky who was just staring at everything like I was.

“Come, let me show you guys your rooms,” Sir Robert said and lead us through the big front door.

A beautiful lobby greeted us with a set of stairs at the back. It had a big stone floor and a luscious cream carpet with a table and vase filled with beautiful flowers in the middle. He led us through a hallway, filled with pictures of his entire family.

I stopped and looked at one. It was of Lucian and Blake, standing arm in arm, about twelve or thirteen years-old, both smiling like nothing bad was ever going to come between them.

My heart clenched and I felt Sammy’s arm around me.

“They were really such great friends, the best. If only I could go back and warn them what was going to happen next.”

“What do you mean, warn them?”

“It was the summer before the darkness started. They’d fought so much and eventually Lucian gave up.”

“He never gave up, Samantha. Blake told me once that it was his light, reflecting …”

“Just shut up.” Blake walked past us.

I sighed deeply.

Sammy grunted.

“Don’t,” I said.

“He is so arrogant.”

“He has a point, I shouldn’t be here, Sammy. This is your home. Not mine.”

“Don’t ever say that, Elena. You are like family. My father was your father’s dragon. Do you have any idea what that was like?”

“No, because I didn’t get that chance,” I said a bit too loudly. Why can’t they get that?

Sir Robert appeared from another part of the house all of them had disappeared into and walk back to us.

“This is your home, Elena. Don’t ever let him make you feel like it isn’t, you hear me.”

I nodded. “Thanks.”

Sir Robert blew out a huge breath. “One day I know I’m going to regret it but now, not so much.”

I squinted and Sammy laughed.

“I thought you didn’t worry about that, but guess I was wrong.”

A full on quarrel was taking place in the kitchen as we walked in.

It was between Blake and his mother and it was weird how I didn’t seem to hear it.

“Sound-proof walls,” Sammy said as she must have seen the confused look on my face when Sir Robert opened another door that Blake had shut behind him.

“Enough!” Isabel yelled. “I love you Blake but I’m not having this in my house. You hear.”

“Your house, what happened to ‘Welcome home, Son’.” He sounded sarcastic.

“You have become such an ungrateful little prick. If it wasn’t for what Elena feels when you are getting a hiding, I would’ve given you one myself by now. Now get the hell away from my sight.”

He looked down at his mother, bared his teeth and turned around and walk past me.

Tabitha ran after him not saying a word.

Isabel let out a frustrating groan and Sir Robert pulled her into his chest.

“He needs to Dent, when is that going to happen, Robert?”

“Shhhh, we have company.”

She turned around, worry lacing her eyes, before a smile took its place as she saw all three of us.

She opened her arms for Sammy and they both hugged one another. “Welcome home, Sweetheart. You, I know, will appreciate it.”

She giggled. “It’s gorgeous mom. I mean look at this kitchen.”

It was gorgeous; granite tops with the most beautiful open fireplace in one corner which for some reason made me think a dragon lying in front of it in the winter. There was a huge wooden table in the middle and appliances on the counters I’d never seen before. It has a huge fridge, and a stove that could make food for any occasion. There was also a wash up area that reminded me of King Helmut’s kitchen.

“Elena,” Isabel said as she gave me a hug too. “Welcome home.”

“Thanks, it’s really stunning.”

“This was exactly how my home was before that horrible night when everything was lost to us,” she spoke softly.

“I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t, today is a good day and not even a little ungrateful dragon is going to change that.”

“Isabel,” I said. “He’s everything but little.”

Her head bent backwards and she laughed. All of us joined in.

“I missed you girls so much, come let me show you your rooms.”

She lead us upstairs and we went to Sammy’s first. It was so spacious, had the most beautiful posted bed and there were all sorts of colors everywhere.

“I love it,” Sammy said.

“It’s Sammy alight,” Becky left her two cent comment, as she opened the door that led out to the balcony or what I just called the opening.

It had a huge passage way and opened into a landing, we stood on the edge and looked over the most beautifully manicured backyard. We saw a beautiful swimming pool with deck chairs and umbrellas; even a BBQ area for Sir Robert, that had a huge wooden table and plenty of chairs. The rest of the view was breath taking. Tith’s mountains were in the back and it was just open spaces. Everything was the opposite of what they’d had before. I was glad that my father had left his dragon a vault filled with treasures.

It was so cool, and a part of me wished that I was still a dragon.

We passed Blake’s room but didn’t hear anything coming from within.

“It’s a bliss,” Sir Robert said. “Not hearing things you don’t want to hear.”

Isabel laughed. “Yeah, that’s what you said now.”

“Don’t remind me, please.”

Sammy suppressed her smile and I stared at Becky who was grinning too.

“Seriously?” Becky asked.


“At least Elena won’t be a Tabitha,” Isabel said and I finally got it.

“Oh please, that is so not going to happen.”

They all laughed.

“It’s what I said too.” Becky smirked again.

We walked past three rooms before Sir Robert opened the door to his and Isabel’s room which was at the far end of the hall.

It was stunning with a fire place and luscious carpets, with the walls draped in the most beautiful abstract décor. Rich in color and very homey the bed was colossal just like the room. They had an on suite bathroom too that was beautiful and reminded me of the one I’d had in my room when I’d visited Lucian.

We walked out and walked back to the door we’d passed a couple of minutes ago.

It was mine.

The girls cracked themselves again at my proximity to Isabel and Sir Robert.

“So this is your precaution?” Sammy asked both her parents.

Sir Robert stepped on a creaky floor right in front of my room. “That is my precaution.”

We all just laughed. These people had seriously high hopes but they were in good spirits and I wasn’t going to kill that.

My room was perfect. It had a beautiful bed, closets as big as the wall, with a beautiful cream carpet. It had a bathroom too, not as luxurious as Isabel’s, but it was perfect and mine. For the first time ever I had something to call mine.

“Do you like it?” Isabel asked.

“It’s perfect, thank you.” I hugged her.

“Elena, it is we that should thank you.”

“Don’t, please,” I begged. I really didn’t want to speak about that at the moment.

We were ready to walk back out when I saw another door.

I squinted at Isabel and walked to it.

It was an opening and I started to laugh.

“Why on earth did I get one too?”

“It was a mistake in the plans we drew up, and now we can’t fix it as it’s part of the main structure, sorry about that.”

I smiled. “Wish I could have used it. I miss being a dragon.”

Isabel’s arms wrapped around me. “She was never supposed to wake up, Elena.”

“I know. Still. I miss it.”

She just gave me a soft smile.

“So, who is hungry? I’ve worked like a slave today preparing snacks for our BBQ at the pool.”

We all shrieked, excitedly. A pool BBQ.

“So frawsome.” Becky chanted and we all laughed.



The weekend was amazing, well except when Blake started with his shit. He’d had way too many things to say which made me turn around and walk away. I saw that a couple of them had riled up Sir Robert. He was pushing his father but I knew he was worried that my bracelet wouldn’t work or the fact that I was actually standing here.

We were all sitting in the kitchen as Constance came over on Saturday for tea. She just stared at her nephew while he was fighting with his father about so many things.

When it got to be too much, I stepped in.

“Blake! Enough!” I yelled.

“Oh shut up.”

“No, you shut up. What is wrong with you? Seriously. Just get over yourself. I know you are trying to make me feel unwelcome here, but I don’t give a shit about what it is you are trying to do. That time is long passed. I don’t care about you, the same way you don’t care about me, but what I do care about is your family and you are spoiling everything for them. So just shut up and just go.”

He huffed and stared at me for a second before he left.

I plunged into the chair and a minute later Tabitha came back into the kitchen with tears in her eyes.

“He wants to be alone.”

“Come, sit here.” Isabel pulled out the chair next to her.

“He’s never been like this before.” She gave me a slight scolding look as if it was all my fault. I shouldn’t be here.

I just shook my head. He was making it difficult for everyone. I never thought he was this type of person.

“Tabitha, you do know that he needs to Dent…”

“Please don’t.”


“He will forget about me.”

“I told you it’s not going to be like that.” I stepped in. “He loves you, Tabitha, believe me.”

“What do you mean?” She asked. On all the other’s faces, I could tell it was something they all wanted to know.

“That time he helped me out, well he was the total opposite of this.”

“You fell for him, didn’t you?”

“I did, but he made it very clear that I wasn’t you. He loves you and no spell or enchantment is going to take that away.”

Isabel and Constance squinted as I said it.

“I meant what I said. I just need the dragon. You can have that arrogant ass if you want.”

She giggled.

“Well with that out of the way, we need to know how the Dent works, what triggers it,” Isabel said. “George, any ideas?”

We all laughed and Becky just stared at him.

“It will never happen if I say it out loud.”

Becky gasp. “You’re shitting me.”

“Shush, I mean it.”

“Oh crap, what is it.”

Nobody answered me.

“It needs to come from him, anyway, so it’s not a rider’s decision.” George looked at Tabitha.

She nodded. “So it’s never going to happen.”

“It’s not a good thing, Tabitha,” Constance said.

“Am I the only one that doesn’t get this?” I asked.

Becky and Sammy laughed. The grownups looked a bit concerned and George well he sort of didn’t look at me at all.

“It’s not surprising.” Becky said. “You have been on your own little planet lately.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll think of something.” Constance put her arm around me.

Still I would’ve like to know what it was that makes them Dent, something Blake would never do….and then I got it. They were right, it was never going to happen.

I shook my head and got up. “We might as well give up now as I think I get what you are saying. Tabitha is right, it’s never going to happen.”

I left for my room. I hated the creak more and more as I stepped over it and just fell onto my bed.

The Dent would never happened as Blake would have to kiss me of his own free will.


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