Chapter 4

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The next couple of weeks it was a constant battle between Blake and I. We had so many words with one another and each time he tried to go for me, hurting me was the number one priority, the jolt in my arm would come back and I could protect myself from his bad temper.
It made him more furious but he never transformed as he knew that I would have access to my abilities then and nothing he could do could make him hurt me.
I thought that was exactly what they’d meant by calling it the impasse stage. The Riders did have some way to protect themselves from their dragons until the bond was made, or the Dent.
He wanted me dead so badly so he could be free, but the bond didn’t allow it. He was harmless against me.
The Rubicon was harmless against an insignificant little human girl like me. If I was still a Rubicon it would’ve made me furious too.
I actually used that last statement so many times, I knew, I was lowering myself to his standard, and although many told me to just walk away, Blake wasn’t the type that would let me just walk away.
How long is this going to last for?
Master Longwei actually had to intervene the other day in the cafeteria.
It’d been lunch time and I plopped down on my pillow right next to Becky and George.
“I’m not going to even ask where you were,” Becky joked.
“I’m not going to tell, either,” I smiled.
“Longbottoms again?”
“Here we go,” George said and my entire body just slumped into the chair. “Dude seriously give it up man.”
“George, stay out of this.” Blake leaned on the table and stared straight at me.
“What you miss me that much already?” I joked.
“Never in a million years.” He was always so serious. It was so stupid.
“Then what do you want, Blake?”
“Elena just ignore him,” Sammy said.
“You know what I want, Elena, Please.” He begged me and I looked at him. He’d never begged me before, well only that night when he’d wanted me to kill him.
“Blake stop it!” Sammy yelled at him.
“Stay out of this Samantha.” He glared at her and looked back at me. “You know what the Dent is Elena, please.”
“Elena, don’t do it,” George said.
“Shut the fuck up!” Blake barked at him.
“It’s not what you think idiot,” George said back through gritted teeth.
“Then explain it to me, please. Because there is never going to be a time that I will want Elena more than anything else.”
“Don’t ask me to explain it to you. Be patient.” George’s tone was soft. You would never know that he was a Moon-Bolt, a Chromatic dragon.
Still, I couldn’t do this anymore but I knew I couldn’t free him either. So, I got up and wanted to leave.
“No,” he grabbed my hand. “Say it. Now!”
“Fine,” I yelled at him. “You want to hear it….”
The words left George’s mouth so fast and an invisible contraption slapped over my mouth. I couldn’t speak.
Chaos broke out as I looked at George, clutching my mouth to break this spell and Blake grabbed him.
Becky yelped from shock as they went for each other while I tried desperately to free myself from not being able to speak.
Becky tried to help George, and it felt as everything went into slow motion as Blake lifted up his arm and an invisible force throw her in the air.
My heart stammered in my chest and the same jolt rushed up my arm, but this time it spread to my entire body.
I lift up both arms as if I was going to grab her in the air, and to my surprise she stopped.
I lowered her down to the ground gently, her eyes were huge and when she was safe, unharmed and not hurt, I concentrated on Blake.
I pushed him away from George just as he was about to throw another punch and he moved fast backward and against the wall. An umph left his mouth as he collided with the wall but to my surprise it still held.
I wanted to yell but my mouth was still clamped up.
“Enough!” Master Longwei’s voice filled the Cafeteria.
At that minute the spell over my lips disappeared.
He took us to his office, the four of us, and gave us the biggest scolding of our lives.
Blake was never going to yield and even though George did speak to me that day, telling me that I could never, ever do that again, it didn’t change the way I felt about everything.
He didn’t tell me anything about what the bond was. Master Longwei was right about how a dragon that was part of a Dent would never reveal what the bond really consisted of and I couldn’t stop thinking that George had no idea what caused his affection toward Becky at all.
I wished that I could say that it was the breaking point and that Blake changed after that, but he didn’t.
He ignored me for so many weeks that buying the stupid bike was all I could think off.
It was where I’d been the day of the entire cafeteria incident.
Monique had given me Andy’s number and I went to see him. There was the most beautiful black number that he said Blake used to have his eye on but that it had been on the floor for a long time, as it was a bit pricy and nobody could really afford it. I told him to wait till I was certain and yesterday was the day I’d made that call and bought the damn thing.

This afternoon was the day that Andy would have the bike delivered. My stomach was in knots. Monique was sure that it would work but now that I’d actually bought the damn thing and I knew it was on its way, I was nervous as hell.
He said that he would drop it off after school, a delivery straight from the bike shop to the Academy with a beautiful bow and a card with Blake’s name on it.
The entire ordeal sounded so stupid.
“Okay, out with it,” Becky said. We were having lunch and I’d hardly touched my food.
“It’s nothing.” I stood up. “I need to make a call.”
I had to cancel this order before Andy brought the stupid bike here. What had I been thinking. I should have noticed the way Jimmy had reacted, he knew Blake better than Monique. He used to play so many times at Longbottoms and the way Jimmy laughed that day should’ve told me that…
“Elena.” Blake’s voiced interrupted my thoughts, and I closed my eyes as a bike key dangled from his fingers. “What is this?”
“What do you think is it?”
He chuckled as he walked closer and stroked his face hard.
Okay so maybe Monique hadn’t been wrong.
He looked at me again with a small curve around his mouth. “You think you can buy my affection?”
Shit. “You are not giving me any options here Blake.”
“I don’t want to be your dragon, to be anybody’s dragon. Why can’t you get that?” He roared again.
“We have no choice. We have to fulfill our destiny still Blake, free the people of Etan.” I didn’t know why I’d just said that. I wasn’t going to but I had to say something to make him try.
“They can rot in Etan for all I care.” He spat in my face and turned around right after he threw the keys back at me. “My affection can’t be bought.”
I picked up the key and plenty of eyes were just staring at me, my friends included.
George got up. “Okay what did you buy him?”
“It doesn’t matter. It was stupid, I know.”
George smiled. “If it’s what I think it is, Elena. That wasn’t easy for him at all.”
“Yeah, well, it didn’t work.”
“Elena,” Master Longwei’s voice came from down the hall. He has a slight grin on his face.
Oh man, how many people heard about this.
“You need to get that distraction back to Andy’s shop or ask someone to come and fetch it. My courtyard is filled with students and a couple of the professors.”
George smiled and rushed to the courtyard.
“A bike?” Master Longwei had a raised eyebrow.
“I didn’t know what else to do.”
“You must be patient Elena and not bestow gifts on him that he doesn’t deserve.”
“Yeah, he made that pretty clear about how his affection cannot be bought.”
A bigger ignore came after that. He didn’t treat me like vermin anymore, he didn’t treat me like anything. It was like I didn’t exist at all.
That bike was a stupid idea and next time when I went to see Monique I would tell her just how bad it was.

The Council wanted to see me again and Sir Robert went with me. He was back at my side whenever the Council wanted to meet.
“You bought him a Ducati?” He asked with a hint of a smile.
“Don’t look at me like that, it was stupid, I know.”
“It’s sweet, Elena. And it shows me that you would do anything for him in order to succumb. I just think it was the wrong time. Blake has eyed that specific bike for a long time.”
“Then why didn’t he just take it?”
“Because it came from you.”
“Wait, how do you even know about this?”
He chuckled. “Andy phoned me after he went to pick up the bike from Dragonia. It’s in a safe place for now, until the manor is completely done.”
“When will the manor be finished?”
“A couple of weeks give or take.”
“Wow,” I said. “That fast.”
“It’s almost ready,” he had a huge grin on his face. “It’s really something, Elena.”
“I can’t wait to see it,” I said as we walked up the stairs that led to the city hall in Tith.
Sir Robert opened the door of the hall and we found a small group of Council members. Constance was there too along with Master Longwei and the two Kings.
Sir Robert and I each took a chair right at one of the tables. It was a different set up, a long oblong table and I didn’t like the fact that Irene was sitting next to Master Longwei.
I didn’t know what she was doing here.
“Good day, Princess, Sir Robert,” King Helmut addressed the meeting. “We have summoned you here today, Elena to speak to you about a different matter.”
King Helmut was confident and everything I wished I was when I was in front of these people.
“Irene has brought to my attention that she is feeling something pulling her toward your foretelling.”
I squinted. “My foretelling?”
“The one where you and Blake are concerned. Freeing the people of Etan.”
“Oh, I see. That one.”  I pinched my nosed and sniffed lightly. I could hear Stan’s voice in my head that it wasn’t princess-like but I didn’t care. It wasn’t my responsibility alone to make that foretelling turn red. It was my dragon’s too and if he didn’t want to succumb then what the hell was I supposed to do. I couldn’t force him.
“What is happening with Blake?”
“He’s the Rubicon and doesn’t believe that he needs a rider so not anywhere where he needs to be.”
“Well, the Ancients want you to try harder, Elena. Blake needs to help you fulfill this foretelling and if not, I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you what is at stake here.”
I shook my head.
“How long do we have?”
“Just try your best.”
The meeting ended, that was it and we left. They seriously couldn’t have sent me an email or a crow?
To make matters worse, it was now my responsibility to find a way to make him co-operate, as if that was ever going to happen. I didn’t even know where to start with operation ‘Getting Blake Leaf to Join Team Elena.’ All I knew was that everyone was counting on me, and they had just added the freedom of Etan to my already weighty shoulders. As if they didn’t carry enough already.
Sir Robert went his separate way as we took one of the elevators back to Elm. Thankfully, the carriage ride that waited for Constance, me and Master Longwei didn’t take very long.
“Elena,” Master Longwei called my name as I was looking down at the scenery from the carriage window.
I looked at him.
“Irene only felt something. It could still be months even a year before Etan is lost to us.”
A faint smile appeared on my lips. That was why King Helmut couldn’t tell me the exact period of time I had to try and get Blake over on my side.
“You sure?”
“With a foretelling as big as this one, she usually gives a long notice.”
“But don’t take the Ancient’s warning lightly. He needs to Dent, Elena. The faster the better.”
I nodded again. Even if it was against my beliefs as I didn’t feel the same way as these people did about Dents anymore, I had no choice. There were too many people breathing down my neck, way too many.

For days I thought about what the Council had asked of me. The task they’d bestowed upon me, to find ways for Blake to pick up his responsibility. I knew Master Longwei or Sir Robert didn’t like it but they were also worried about what it was Irene had started to feel. I hadn’t thought our Destiny would’ve had a time frame as well.
It made my job so much harder, but then again, when the time came, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing. It would mean that I hadn’t broken my promise, but yesterdays’ crow from my Pappi, told me that they were watching me from under Master Longwei’s nose.
I didn’t had any more choices but one more idea.
Lately, he’d seem to do whatever Tabitha wanted. A part of me thought that he had Dented but with his girlfriend. He wasn’t as mean to her anymore and they been inseparable since he’d gotten back.
I still had my doubts about this one too, but I had to try everything that was in my power for him to agree to become my dragon, even if he didn’t want me like that.
I knew if I could get Tabitha on my side then he might change his mind somehow.
I found her in the cafeteria, alone, which was a miracle by itself and plunged down on the pillow next to her.
She was having a conversation with one of her friends and just stared at me with a raised eyebrow and a slightly gaped mouth.
“Can I please have a word in private with you?”
“Why would I ever want to speak to you?”
“Enough, Tabitha.” I begged. “I never wanted this for myself, but it happened.”
She just looked at me.
“I don’t want him like that, okay. I just need him as the Council is breathing down my neck because of what it is we have to do. Irene is feeling that it’s almost time for our foretelling to be put into action.” I sighed. I didn’t want to do this but I had no choice. “Don’t you want to free the people of Etan?”
She looked down right guilty when I asked her that.
“I just need his dragon form, that’s it. I promise I will stay out of both your ways. I don’t want him like that.”
She was contemplating this. I could see it in her face.
“I know what the Dent is, okay, I’m not stupid and if you think that I’m okay with enslaving someone, putting a spell on them, then you have no idea who I am.”
She looked up, straight into my eyes. “You promise?” She said again.
“On my mother’s grave.”
“Fine, what do you want me to do?”
“Speak to him. Tell him that I don’t want him like that, as that seems to be the problem he has. I just need his dragon to fulfill this stupid foretelling and after we free the people, I will set him free.”
She just stared at me. “You would do that?”
“Yes,” I didn’t think twice answering that. I knew he would never want to stay with me, or keep on wanting to be my dragon. The Rubicon can’t be tamed, well not like that.
“I’ll try my best, speak to him. Make it a bit easier for you to learn with his dragon form, and only his dragon form, Elena.”
I nodded.
“Just remember your promise.” She said, got up and left.
I didn’t like the way she’d said that. Why would she ask me to remember my promise? As if Blake and I would ever….okay so that almost happened once, but I wasn’t that stupid.
I took a deep breath. Maybe that wasn’t such a stupid idea and who knows maybe Blake would, just maybe, he would start participating and the Council might back off a little.

AND THAT IS ALL FOR THIS WEEK. Stupid Elena as it will bite her in the ass, soon.

Hope you enjoyed it.


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