Chapter 4

Chapter Four (Please note still need to go through a couple of more edits.)

We stayed on that mountain for a long time, just talking about everything.
He told me a lot about the time that I was stuck in Etan. What happened this side.
He gave the Council a slip so many times. They wanted to have meetings with him badly, but he refused to meet them as he was searching for me.
I felt bad now about the way I’d treated him when he’d found me in the hospital. He’d wanted to see me so badly and I didn’t want anything to do with him.
Still he gave me what I needed, space far away from him, even though it must’ve been hard.
How that made him feel, well I could just ask and he would tell me in detail.
Lucian came up again. It was a topic he really struggled with too, but he’d been dark back then, he’d wanted me dead, not Lucian.
I huffed. “Have you ever imagined how hard it would’ve been on him if he was still alive?” I asked as I laid my head on his stomach soaking up the sun’s rays.
He pushed himself up and looked down at me through squinted eyes. “Hard on him?”
“Yeah,” I said and pushed myself up too. I’d never really thought about it. Lucian had said that he was glad to be dead because it would’ve been the hardest thing for him. Knowing that I would choose Blake at the end.
Blake’s chin rested on the back of my shoulder. “You would’ve left Lucian to be with me?”
I sucked in lips. “I might, I don’t know.”
He smiled. “And here I was scared that I didn’t stand a chance if he was still alive.”
“Oh believe me Lucian told me about this side of you and how he would never have stood a chance.”
He chuckled. “I really miss him, you know.”
“I do too.”
Our gaze locked and I felt lost again. But he broke it just as his watched beeped. My head cleared at once.
“Wait what time is it?”
Blake laughed. “You worried about school? I seriously need to share my opinions about Princess perks.”
“I’m not that kind of a Princess, Blake.” I sighed. “In fact I really suck at being one.”
He kissed the tip of my nose softly which made me feel all sorts of things I thought was lost. “You, never.”
I blushed.
“But if you want to go back, I’m a bit hungry myself, we’ll get back just be in time for dinner.”
“Dinner!” I yelled and got up. “We were here that long?”
“Calm down, they know you are with me.” He grinned, but it disappeared fast. “Shit, they know you are with me.”
“That’s bad.”
“To them, yes, as they can only assume what it is I wanted to do.” He walked back to the trees to change. He turned around and lifted up his hands in defence walking backwards. “Which is far from it, but yes, they might have a slight problem,” he said, disappearing behind the nearest tree.
“We going to be in trouble?” I asked, sounding worried again.
He laughed.
“Blake this isn’t funny. The last time Master Longwei said that I would regret finding Paegeia if I stepped out of line again.”
“You are its Princess, Elena. He should be worried that you are going to chuck him out.”
“I would never.”
The trees rumbled as Blake changed and a tree fell over. I shook my head.
“You really need to make peace with my nakedness. I’m tired of destroying things, especially the trees,” his deep voice said. “And I’ll take the blame if it comes to that, which I’m most certainly sure it will.”
“You’re not elevating any of my fears.”
He chuckled, crawled out again, and came to a standstill right next to me, so I could get back up.
I hated this, he was so freaking large and I really struggled to get on his back.
I tried a different route, the shoulder part of his wing and laughed as he pushed me up with his snout. It was more graceful then the first, and when I got my feet secure on his back, I grabbed one of his horns. I stationed myself back against the big horn close to his neck. I grabbed two sprouts again, and after I put my goggles on, I felt ready to go. I was actually more than ready. I was anxious.
“You ready.”
“Yes, just go.”
He started to flap his wings again and we ascended.
Now that we were out of the meadow, the sun was busy setting. Shit. It was all I could think of the entire time and was glad when the Coliseum came into view again.
He landed gracefully again outside the Coliseum and I slid off his wing.
“So what, you going to fly to his office and explain or do I have to send him out here?”
Blake gurgled which I knew was a laugh.
“Just go, have dinner, I’ll see you soon.”
“Oh, I almost destroyed the cafeteria once, so a table outside,” I teased again.
“Haha, go before I change my mind.”
“Okay, fine. See you later.”
“You bet.”
A warm fussy feeling appeared in my gut with his last statement. The way he made me feel. No wonder Becky refused to believe what I believed, well didn’t want to believe anymore. He made me feel as if I was the most important thing in his entire existence.
I ran up the stairs and couldn’t stop grinning like an idiot. This afternoon was amazing and overwhelming all at the same time. Blake had told me everything he’d gone through ever since I’d arrived, I had to admit, I hadn’t foreseen how it was going to end as it revealed the truth of how much he despised me, but then he’d told me what it was I’d done, that he’d fallen for me before the Dent actually happened, it made me feel as if I was a dragon again, as if I had the ability to fly myself.
I entered the cafeteria and a couple of eyes were on me. I found Tabitha’s at once and she gave me a scolding look with slightly flaring nostrils. Her eyes grew when she saw mine, which told her more or less that I knew the truth and that I was actually pissed off with her interrogation from yesterday. If he’d broken up with her a long time ago, then why had she done that. Making me feel crap for something she couldn’t have anymore was the answer.
I looked away and folded my arms as I walked over to Becky’s table.
“Where the hell have you been?” Becky asked. She had a huge grin on her face and George couldn’t stop laughing. Dean had a grin on his face too and Sammy well she just looked relieved.
“You gave us a heart attack, Elena.” Sammy said as I plunged down on the seat next to her. “Where the hell were you?”
“You know what your brother is like, Sammy. He doesn’t feel the need for some of the classes and I think Aviant is one of those classes.”
“The professors were crazy with worry.”
“They should be,” George chirped.
“It wasn’t like that okay.” I started to laugh. “Your brother finally became the saint.”
“I still struggle with that one from time to time, but he has changed, Elena. Thank you.” She hugged me softly and rested her head for a few seconds on my shoulder.
“So,” Becky said “I’m still waiting to hear where you were.”
I smiled and just looked at her.
The school system beeped and Master Longwei’s voice filled the entire cafeteria. ‘Can Elena Watkins please come to the office.’
The entire cafeteria had some sort of a reply after that.
I just shook my head and got up.
“Good luck,” Becky sang.
The walk to Master Longwei’s office was long. He was going to go ape, and all sorts of images flew through my mind. One was sending me away, as he threatened the first time we stepped out of line, at least I won’t be alone.
My feet dragged with each step I took. When I finally reached his office, I tried to listen to what was going on inside. Nothing. It was silent.
I knock on the door.
“Enter,” he said and I went in.
“You wanted to see me.” My voice slightly broke and I cleared it softly as I saw the scowling look on his face.
“Sit,” he said, pointing at the open chair next to Blake, who was lying on his back bone in the one next to mine, with a huge grin on his face.
I took a huge breath and sat down.
“Where were you Elena?”
“I told you it’s not her fault. It’s mine.” Blake answered.
“I heard your excuse. I need to hear hers.”
“We just talked.” I sounded angry. I was angry.
“Talked. You skipped not just one class, Elena but five. There is afternoons you can just talk.” He sounded sarcastic with that last part.
I shook my head.
“Nothing happened.” Blake said again.
“I don’t get you. When we didn’t speak to one another, you forced me literally on him, but when it comes out of our own free will we get in trouble.”
“It’s how you did it, Elena. During Aviant.”
“It’s a flying class. Teaching us how to stay on top of our dragons, seriously….”
“Enough!” Master Longwei roared.
I kept my mouth shut and just let him have his moment.
“If you weren’t the only one that could pass the creepers and you weren’t her dragon, the punishment would’ve been more severe. I don’t even feel that detention will be enough for this. But for starters, you are going to spend two weeks in Detention.”
Blake smiled.
“Away from one another.”
His smiled vanished. “Seriously.”
“You want to make that three weeks, Mr. Leaf.”
“Fine, whatever.”
“And your father is going to hear about this.”
Blake just stared at him and then shook his head.
“I’ll think hard on the other part of your punishment. You are free to go.”
I got up from my chair and walked out the office with huge strides.
I heard the door closed as I start running down the steps. Blake was behind me. I could feel and smell his presence.
“You got this?” I mocked him in a serious tone.
“It’s just a scolding and Detention Elena. Not a beating.”
“Still, I only saw him once that upset. We are walking on thin ice, Blake.”
He started to laugh. “Believe me, that was nothing.”
“It’s not funny.” I said over my shoulder.
He moved faster till he was next to me and pulled me in for a sideways hug.
“It’s just words, and that is where it will stay. That is my promise.”
I finally smiled. “Okay so just words.”
“And plenty of threats.” He grinned.
That made me laughed.
We walked back to the cafeteria and stopped at the door.
“See you soon.”
“In which form.”
“You going to break that stupid promise,” he said as he retreat.
I sighed.
“In my dragon form then.”
“So, outside.”
“Yeah, outside.”
I walked into the cafeteria and went straight to the buffet line.
“So the two lost souls have finally made it back.” Chef asked. “You had plenty of people worrying about you, Elena.”
“I’m so sorry. I…” I blew out a huge breath.
“Just as long as you didn’t do anything stupid.”
“No!” I said a bit loud. “Swear, it was just talking.”
“Good, it’s about time. You two needed a good chat. So where is he.”
Chef laughed. “I heard something today, he’s seriously refusing to walk in his human form.”
“Something like that.”
“For how long, I hate to see my cafeteria in pieces again, Elena.”
“He promised he won’t tear it down again.”
“Okay,” Chef grinned. “See the riddle?”
“Nope, I missed your food and just want this for a short while if you don’t mind.”
“Not at all. Enjoy.”
He turned around as I grabbed a tray, two trays with two plates. I was positive that a dragon won’t be able to dish up for itself.
I dished something up of everything for him, and some stew with rice for myself. I didn’t even noticed Tabitha standing at the end of the line.
My entire body inflated as I saw her. “What do you want, Tabitha.”
“What do I want. You made me a promise, Elena.”
“And he made it perfectly clear…”
“Blake doesn’t know what he wants. He is under your spell.”
I sighed. “He said it wasn’t one, okay.”
“So you just going to believe him. You know how many times he lied to me.”
“It’s not just my choice anymore. I can’t force him to be with you if he doesn’t want to. And if you think that I would, then you have no idea who I am, which you don’t.” I took both trays and made my way to the door that lead outside.
“You made a promise.” She yelled so that the entire cafeteria heard us.
I walked back to her, wield my shield and just stared at her.
“He broke up with you, Tabitha. If you really love him, then give him space to make up his mind what he wants. If it’s a spell, well spells wear off eventually. I will keep my promise if he changes his mind. But I’m not going to tell him what he needs to do because of something he clearly doesn’t want. It’s not just my decision anymore. I’m done fighting with him. And I’m done feeling guilty about something he clearly doesn’t want anymore. To be honest, I have other shit on my mind to worry about than a stupid promise I made, and one you didn’t even deliver on you’re your side of the deal. If he changes his mind and he wants to be with you, I will step aside.”
She just stared at me with flared nostrils. I was done with her shallowness.
I turned around let my shield disappear and left.
I found him lying underneath a tree close to one of the tables and plopped both trays on the table.
Blake had a smirk on his mutt.
“You heard that.”
“Told you shields can be penetrable.”
I grunt softly.
“She is not going to let this go easily.”
“I’ll speak to her.”
“Don’t, her issue is with me, Blake not you.”
“Elena, I don’t…”
“I know, okay. Still doesn’t make me feel less shitty, but I hope she would get the message soon, otherwise I promise you, you are going to be a dragon for a very long time.”
“I’m only in my dragon form to make you feel less shitty, Elena. I don’t care about her.”
Becky, George and Sammy reached us with their coffee and desert bowls. “What the hell did Ice Queen want.”
“The stupid promise I made her.”
“So, he is in his dragon form.” She nudge her head toward Blake’s dragon figure.
“Yeah, I don’t think she is getting that message.”
Becky smiled. “So what is the punishment.”
I grunt. “Two weeks Detention and that is just halve of it. He will think about the other half.”
Becky laughed.
“It’s so unfair.”
“It’s only Detention, Elena. Not a beating.”
“That is what I said.” Blake suddenly developed a two cent comment ability.
“Oh yeah. I wonder what he would say if I told him about our sleeping arrangements, Becky.”
George spit out some of his coffee and Blake gurgled. Becky’s eyes were huge. “You know about that?”
“What sleeping arrangements.” Sammy wanted to know.
“I know about that.” I narrowed my eyes at Becky.
“Okay, two weeks Detention sucks.” She changed her mind.
It changed my mood instantly.
“What sleeping arrangements.” Sammy stared at both of us.
Becky stared at me with a slight skew jaw. “You see.”
“Becky will explain that one to you later.”
“You’re screwed.” Blake teased George.
“Shut up.”
“What sleeping arrangements.” Sammy demanded after George’s comment.
“Becky will explain later,” George get up. “I have to go.”
“Be a darling and take that tray of food with you to our room, please,” Blake asked and rolled out underneath the tree and got up.
Everyone outside was looking at him.
He lowered his head toward me and sniffed in the nape of my neck. “Sleep tight princess,” he whispered and disappeared.
I watched him lift off and fly away. When I turned my head back, Becky just stared at me. “That fast?”
“Oh don’t even start. You and George were the ultimate record.”
She giggled too. “For what it’s worth, I’m glad you guys finally made peace, Elena.”
Me too, but I didn’t say that out loud.
“Okay, so what sleeping arrangements.” Sammy still needed to know and I couldn’t help but laugh.I hadn’t seen Constance and Annie today and made a mental note that after dinner I would quickly go to the Infirmary to say hi. Which was right next to Constance quarters.
I listened to Becky telling Sammy about George sneaking in every night. She wasn’t happy about it at all, but once Becky explained why George was sneaking in and everything, well, through a dragon’s perspective Sammy understood, sort off.
We walked back to the room and parted ways at the bottom of the stairs.
“I’m quickly going to say hi to Annie.”
“We met her this afternoon, she is really something, Elena,” Becky said.
“She is, isn’t she.”
“I’m glad my cousin had you,” Sammy said.
“Do you remember her?”
Sammy giggled. “Her dragon form. I was just a baby back then, but I do remember an eccentric Sun-Blast close to Blake.
I smiled but it vanished the minute I though that she wasn’t that eccentric anymore.
“See you later, go, say hi for us.” Becky and Sammy walked up the stairs.
“I will,” I said as I walked in the direction of the infirmary.
When I entered, Constance’s eyes grew.
“Where the heck have you been, young lady? Do you know how worried I was?”
“Calm down. I was with Blake, and no, nothing happened.”
“Still, Elena, you can’t just disappear like that in one of your classes.”
“I was with Blake, Constance. He is the Rubicon.”
“Not elevating my fears here. I know my nephew extremely well.”
“Seriously, that is what everyone thinks.” I shook my head.
“No, okay yes. I know my nephew, and I know how charming he can be if it comes to the things he want, Elena. I’m just worried, that’s all.”
A small smile curved at the corners of my lips.
“Give her a break, mom.” Annie wrapped her arms around me. “She said nothing happened, I believed her.”
“I have to admit,” Constance finally smiled. “It is good to see you finally speaking to him, Elena.”
Annie squinted. “Finally speaking, what is my mother talking about?”
“I told you before, I recently started trusting him.”
“Seriously, it was that bad.”
“Oh believe me your cousin, hated my guts.”
“He didn’t,” Constance said. “He saved your life more than once.”
“Yeah, because the good in him couldn’t watch me die.”
Constance laughed the hardest.
“So how was your first day in Paegeia?” I rubbed Annie’s arm.
“Free.” She smiled that turned into a sigh. “I’m still waiting for something bad to happen.”
“Nothing will ever hurt you again.” Constance kissed Annie on her temple.
“We are going to leave tomorrow early to go back to David’s.”
I nodded and looked at Constance. “I take it you are going with?”
She nodded with a slight glint in her eyes. I can only imagine the guilt of what Annie went through, haunting her.
“Well, enjoy it, both of you.”
Annie’s eyes rose slightly. “Emanual said when he get’s back from Etan, he is going to help me try to find my dragon again. I’m so nervous.”
“You are going to be fine,” I said again and I will tell her that until it sunk in. “I’m glad he is helping you. He is a great guy, Annie.”
She just smiled.
“She is going to be fine,” Constance added too and put a stray hair from Annie’s face behind her ear.
“I guess this is me saying goodbye then, if I don’t see you tomorrow morning, have fun finding your dragon Annie.”
“I’m going to try my utmost best,” she said and I gave her another hug. “I can’t remember if I’ve thanked you properly for bringing me back.” She whispered in my ear.
“Shhh, no need to say thanks every five seconds.” I smiled.
Her smiled turned into worry lines. “I’m just worried about Charles and David.”
“Don’t, King Helmut is on it as we speak, he will let me know when the time is right and then I’ll take them to Etan.”
“You are going to be one busy gal.”
“It’s for a good cause Annie.”
“I know.”
I gave Constance a hug and said goodbye.
I felt bad for both of them and couldn’t stop feeling sorry for Constance to what she has to make peace with as I walked back to the entrance of the castle.
I found the golden statue in the corner, right before you turned into the lobby. A pair of hands grabbed me as I took that first step into the lobby.
I yelped in fright, but the smell of the hand covering my mouth and the chuckle coming from him, told me I was safe.
He pulled me behind the dragon.
“What this afternoon didn’t get you in enough trouble?” I whispered.
“No, it didn’t,” he simply said.
“He is going to ground us forever if he finds us behind this dragon, Blake.”
“I should really teach you how to have fun, Elena.”
“You are such a bad influence.”
He smiled. “Whatever. So, where were you?”
“I went to check on Annie. Do I have to tell you my every move now?”
“No, a detailed plan every morning will be enough,” he joked.
“Meet me tonight?”
“Are you shitting me?”
“No, just meet me. See that as your first lesson in fun.”
“Fine, where?”
“The girls roof.” He winked and started to retreat into the lobby.
“What time?” I whispered after him as loud as I could.
“About an hour.” He said and disappeared.
I sighed, he was seriously going to get us in more trouble. But I have to admit, I was really looking forward to it.

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