Chapter 2

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Chapter Two

I walked past them, while my heart was stammering inside my chest. Why he still had this effect on me was beyond my knowledge. He’d made it perfectly clear that I was no match for Tabitha a couple of months back.

He was such an idiot and I had no idea what I’d seen in him None of had been real, it’s been just one big act.

A hand grabbed me around the arm, tight and I looked at it.

I slowly raised my head to look at him.

He was still kissing Tabitha, but his ugly paw was around my arm. What was his problem?

He finally broke the kiss, brushing her cheek softly with his thumb. When she saw me, she jumped slightly but her surprised partially gaped mouth, turned into a pair of thin lips and her nostrils widened slightly.

He turned his head with narrowed peacock blues staring straight at me.

“Now, a word,” he said with his jaw muscles pumping.

He was so arrogant. Prick.

“You have no right to speak to my father the way you did the other day,” he almost spat the words at me.

I started to laugh and I could see it was seriously annoying him.

“I don’t need a babysitter, Elena! Or a rider for that matter.”

I could see this piece of information was making Tabitha glow inside.

“You think I want to be your rider. To be stuck with this fucked up bond or whatever it is we share. I,” I poked him hard, but he stood his ground, “didn’t run away like a coward. I faced whatever I had to face, and dealt with my responsibilities. You need to decide what you are going to do, because to be honest, I’m sick and tired of this game you play, tired of your wining, just tired of everything Blake. So either get that ego of yours in check and own up to your responsibilities or get the fuck away from me, as far as possible, where I don’t have to pay for the shit you get yourself in whenever you can’t keep yourself under control. If you think I did that for you, you better think again pal.”

He wanted to say something else.

“Matter is closed Blake. If you don’t like it, then leave.”

I could hear him grunt softly while cussing in Latin. How I knew it was Latin was hard to explain, but it sounded different, like a higher dialect of English.

My insides wanted to explode, he was the only one that had that effect on me. He knew just what buttons to push, but I kept my pose as I walked up the stairs; I wouldn’t show him how I truly felt inside.

When I entered my room, I let out a frustrating scream, a place which no dragon’s enhanced hearing could penetrate.

Four pair of eyes sitting on the couch in the corner stared at me.

Becky turned the TV down. “Are you okay?”

George and Dean both just stared while Sammy was already making her way to the door.

Her arms wrapped around me. “What happened, did the Council gave you anything, did they say anything?”

I huffed. “This is not a council matter. Your brother decided to come back and had some words about my little ordeal with your father. He is so freaking arrogant, do you know that?”

“Wait, my brother is back?” She asked with a slight change in her tone.

“Yes, he is never going to change, Samantha. It’s been almost three months and he still refuses to accept me as a rider.”

I looked at Becky. “I don’t know if I can do this anymore.”

“Elena, don’t you dare say that.”

George breathed out loud. “Give him time, Elena. I promise you he is going to be pretty sorry when that time comes.”

“When George, in two years, three? They don’t even know if this stupid bracelet works.”

“What!” Becky had that worried look on her face. All of my friends had that worried look on their faces.

“Nobody’s shared this messed up bond we have before. So they couldn’t try it out on anyone. It’s just hopeful dreams. The only thing they said was that they got it at the Black Market, or I assume it’s from the Black Market. I hate this, Becky.” I sat on the edge of my bed with my head in both my hands, sounding more defeated then I wanted to let on.

The bed shifted and I could feel her presence right beside me. “He is back, Elena. He is going to be in every class with you, learning. Believe me as much as he is going to protest, he will be forced.”

I gave her my “unbelievable” laugh and she gave me her “not impressed” glare.

“Who is going to force him Becky? Half the professors are shit scared of him. I can’t because he hates my guts and I’m the last person he would ever listen to.”

“I know it sounds like a hopeless case, Elena. I’ve been there, but it’s not.”

“And if this doesn’t work?” I dangled my arm bracelet in her face ignoring her last statement as she hadn’t dealt with this for three bloody months. “What then? I just have to take the beatings with him. You saw how long they took to heal, Becky. I walked for weeks with the pain and the scars are still there.”

She didn’t say anything, just looked at me with as much compassion as possible.

“I just don’t know anymore.”

“Don’t give up, Elena,” Sammy begged. “I’ll speak to him if you want me to.”

“No, Sammy. I can do my own dirty work.”

“C’mon, he’s my brother and I happen to love you both. I know he’s an arrogant bastard, but I still have a different connection with him.”

I shook my head. “I know you mean well, but I’ll deal with him my own way. I’ll try harder, ask for advice if that’s what it takes. But I refuse to wait for him for years.” I looked at both of them before heading straight for the bathroom.

“I’m going to say hi,” Sammy spoke softly but I could hear it through the door, as if she’d said it directly in my face.

I looked at the bracelet. It wasn’t shining so much anymore, there was only a faint glow coming from it.

Well at least one good thing would come from this. It would let me know when the idiot was near.



I stayed inside my room until dinner time. I even tried to read my mother’s journal again, but I couldn’t get that stupid conversation and image of what a dick Blake was out of my head.

I couldn’t believe that I’d told him that I loved him at one time. Whatever that was, that feeling was long gone and the only thing that remained was the same way he felt about me.

I really didn’t want to share this bond with him and wished that it was transferable.

Around seven-thirty, Becky and Sammy entered the room. Sammy carried a silver dish. “Chef asked me to give this to you.”

I smiled as she put it down on my nightstand. “Thanks.”

When I picked up the lid it revealed a plate of coq-au-van. One of my favorite dishes.

I dug in as Sammy couldn’t stop speaking about her brother. “He is in the impasse stage. I just know it. He’s stuck in between good and evil.”

“Yay me!”

“Elena,” she looked at me and wanted to say something but just shook her head.

I knew she was frustrated with this entire ordeal. Just like I was. Still impasse stage or not, I had to make some deal with him to just co-operate. and I had no idea how on earth I was going to do that.

We went to bed after our favorite teen soap, Fire-Frost.

It was a new series and reminded me a bit of Teen Wolf, but this one was about shape shifting panthers. The main character was to die for, and gave Blake a run for his money.

“The day you meet him,” Sammy said, “I’m so there.”

“Me too,” Becky chirped.

“You have George,” Sammy said with a slight smirk on her face.

“And you have Dean. Besides, I’ll just tell George to stay behind.”

I couldn’t believe she’d just said that. “Urgh, I hate it when you do that.” I got up.

“It was a joke, Elena,” Becky said in a high pitch tone with a smile.

“Still, you know he will do anything for you, and you still take advantage of it.”

“I don’t.”

I give her the raised eyebrow and it got her all riled up. “You will never understand anything,” Becky got up and left for the bathroom.

She was wrong, I did.

She wasn’t the one that’d seen the entire picture. She would never own up to that as she was madly in love with George, even if it was all just a big love spell to him.

I found Sammy just staring at me with parted lips and slightly narrowed eyes.


“That was uncalled for.”

“Whatever.” I got up and crawled into bed.

I closed my eyes and could still hear them scurrying around in the room as they got ready for bed.

I hated arguing or disagreeing with them, but sometimes they just didn’t truly understand what I was going through myself.



I looked at my bracelet sparkling again as I neared the cafeteria the next morning.

The idiot was near.

I ignored him completely, like he’d done me and grabbed my bowl of oatmeal with a side plate of fruit.

“Did you enjoy your dinner last night?”

“I did, thanks Chef.”

He cocked his head at the board. “See my riddle?”

“Nope and not going to until certain girls behave,” I joked.

He roared with laughter as I took my tray and went to Becky and Sammy’s table.

We stayed until the first bell rang and made our way to Professor Pheizer’s class.

She was in her element when she saw Blake. He didn’t share her enthusiasm, still it didn’t stopped her to give him a warm welcome back.

“So, today I was thinking of starting my lecture with Dragon Oaths.” Her eyes widened with this huge grin plastered on her face.

It made half of the class snicker, George in particular, but the other half, the ones that shared Blake and Tabitha’s mood, grunted slightly.

“So who can tell me what the difference is between a dragon’s promise and a dragon’s oath.”

“Is there a difference?” I spoke out of turn as I remembered that very first promise Blake had made when I went into the Sacred Cavern. But I knew the answer. Ever since I’d gotten my memories back from the stories Dad used to tell me when I was little, I knew there was.

She smiled. “There is a huge difference.”

Riley’s hand shot the highest and half the class slumped back in their chairs and roll their eyes. Of course the know-it-all would have the answer.

“Riley?” Professor Pheizer asked.

“A dragon’s promise can be easily break, but a dragon’s oath, they would actually go through physical pain if they tried to break it, right?” She stared at Vivienne her Night-Villain’s human form sitting right next to her.

The dark head nodded.

“That is correct,” Professor Pheizer said in her over-excited tone. “George, why is a dragon’s oath so sacred?”

George chuckled. “Because it’s something we almost never do.”

Becky laughed the hardest.

“Becky, please share.”

“A dragon’s oath from him?” She joked too as I knew he had given his dragon oath plenty of times as if it was the only two words George knew.

“I’m serious guys,” she said again. “Blake, you seem to know all the strange in dragons, tell us why dragon oaths are so sacred, why do you creatures hurt so much when you break one?”

“Because it’s how it is. To give a dragon’s oath is to swear with your entire existence, what you promise will be, if not, you wither in pain for all eternity.” He spoke in rhyme and it reminded me of the poems in my head.

Professor Pheizer must have thought about that too as she gave him a knowing, soft grin. The memory of his poem melting her away in that same chair was definitely evident on her face.

But Blake’s tone was dull. “Something that will never leave my lips. That is a promise,” he said through a huge grin.


She smiled. “Thank goodness that wasn’t a dragon’s oath.”

Becky had to suppress her laughter as Tabitha just glared at Professor Pheizer.

“Oh, I’ll say it if you want me too as it means nothing to me.”

“Don’t Blake. I’m sure you would like to say it one day to that beautiful girl sitting next to you and then the regret of this day is going to bite you in the butt.”

Tabitha smiled and Blake’s lips curled slightly.

I didn’t like that for some reason, but I knew Professor Pheizer wasn’t an idiot.

She didn’t want him to make that oath, even though he would never give me his dragon oath, he could still give it to Tabitha.

The lecture went on about how sacred and strong dragon oaths were. In the old days they used to have a ceremony once a month where Dragons could give their oath in front of hundreds of people. It was also something that’d died out when the Creepers consumed Etan and oaths became as rare as Dents. Even though there were two in this classroom.

When the bell finally rang everyone scattered.

I let Blake and Tabitha leave first and was one of the last  students to leave Professor Pheizer’s class.

“Elena, can I please have a word?” she asked and I lowered my backpack and almost dragged it behind me, so un-princess like.

I smiled as I reached her and she mimicked my action with a much kinder and warmer smile.

“I know you are going through a very difficult time and I said those words…”

“Professor, you don’t have to explain it to me.”

“Let me finish.” She give me the eye with a soft curve at the lips. “I didn’t want him to say it, as the right time will come when he’ll really want to say it….and not to Tabitha.”

I huffed. “It really doesn’t matter to me that much.”

“It should. He is your Dent. The boy that is going to literally want to give you the moon and the stars, the one that is going to protect you for the rest of your life.”

I wanted to protest as I knew that was so not going to ever happened. It made me think back to my father’s stories. He told me that too, and if it wasn’t for Cheng’s ability to show them to me, bless his heart, I would still not have remembered them. But…they were all wrong.

“Don’t. it always happens when the right time comes. You just need to be patient.”

“So everyone keeps telling me.”

“Be patient, Elena. Your bond was supposed to have been made a long time ago.”

I didn’t argue as I really didn’t want to speak about this anymore. I didn’t like anything the Dent stood for.

So I took a deep breath and nodded.

“Now go, before you miss the second bell.”

I opened her door and found Sammy and Dean waiting for me. Becky and George were a couple of paces in front walking side by side.

“What was that about?” Sammy asked and I scrunched up my nose to tell her it was nothing.

Dragon promises or oaths made no differences to me as I knew the day one left Blake’s mouth was the day that he wasn’t going to be the same anymore.

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