Book Review||Her: A Novel (Episode 1/3) by Shelby Lamb

Her: A Novel
Episode 1/3
by Shelby Lamb
Romance, Adult Fiction, Mystery
Kindle Edition, 50 pages
Published September 1st, 2017

Tinsley had always been a free spirit, until one side of her face and body got badly disfigured in an accident that killed her best friend. She has always blamed herself for Becky’s death, as she had been the one behind the wheel. Now twenty-five, she’s down and out, most of her past friends are married or engaged, and she hardly leaves the house.

Then everything changes when she meets Jax.

Jax is sexy, tall, dark and handsome, and a dream all wrapped in one. He fills her with more hope than she’d ever imagined. But Tinsley is not used to feeling so close to someone and she’s going to need all of Becky’s help to be true to her heart.

Luckily, Becky is all around. She’s in the trees, the grass, the earth. Becky is the only outside love Tinsley’s ever known, and she’s saying it’s time to discover something new.

But can and should Tinsley really let go of her? 

As the blurb says, Tinsley has been in a car accident that killed her best friend, Becky. Tinsley survived, but not without scars- both physical and emotional.

This episode focuses more on introducing the characters and the story.

Tinsley is afraid to live and she hides from people. She thinks she’s hideous because of her scars. Tinsley wants to have friends, be in love, have a boyfriend – all the stuff most people want. And I think these episodes will focus on that – on Tinsley becoming confident and finding her love. Or maybe not. I don’t know for sure because Shelby Lamb can be very unpredictable in her writing. Either way, I’m intrigued and I cannot wait to continue reading this story. I’m really curious to see what happens with Tinsley and what choices she’ll make. In other words, the author made me care about Tinsley; she made Tinsley feel so real.

I also wonder if Becky is really there or is just Tinsley’s imagination. And if Tinsley has some dark secrets. Also, I’m really curious to see where things go with Jax, especially since the ending wasn’t happily ever after. I guess I’ll find out in the second and/or third episode.

It is a bit refreshing to read about the main character that is anything but drop-dead gorgeous. And I love damaged characters.

 The plot is faced-paced and it captivates you right away. I mean, it’s 50 pages. It’s a perfect story for someone who wants to get back into reading or wants to read something short.

I really think most people will enjoy this story. Thus, I encourage everyone to give it a shot. 🙂


Laura XO


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