Book Review||The Perfect Tear by Connie Lansberg


The Perfect Tear
Connie Lansberg
~326 pages
YA, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
ARC, Kindle
To Be Published this Year (2017) by Zone 4 Publishing

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Rating: 4.5/5

Eleanor, a timid orphan with an extraordinary musical gift has just turned sixteen. She has no clue to her real purpose, but she refuses to become a subservient old maid, like the miserable nuns she grew up with. Eleanor knows Mother Superior has no intention of letting her leave–her songs are the only thing keeping the grey mist at bay. Her best friend Audrey begs her to run away with her but where would they go? The world outside the Abbey is barren and dangerous. Eleanor finally decides to take her chances and in the act of running away, meets her destiny.
The girls find themselves in a strange land full of unknown dangers where they are met by an ethereal creature, Tsera, who gives Eleanor a choice. Go home to Edward, the boy she loves, never to sing again and wait until her world dies or, risk everything to find The Perfect Tear, a crystal that contains the Third Vibration and the only thing that will stop the destruction of her world.add-to-goodreads-button3



I have to say that I had something else in my when I started reading the book. The blurb is true to the book, but it also leaves out certain things – in a good way. I expected the novel to be more fantasy than it is. However, there some sci-fi elements in it. I would say the novel is sci-fi with some fantasy elements.

Tsera is the Main Creator of our planet. She and others live in a parallel planet/world. They seem to be some sort of deities. They can create life with their songs. The have a different DNA, different look and different bodies. However, they did not create the universe and the vibration; thus they are not similar to Biblical God, or Zeus.

Humans have been created by Tsera. They do not have the gift of creating with their songs, expect a few chosen women, called the Singers. These Singers are responsible for medicine, growing plants, understanding animals – basically, they have a connection to the Earth.

Lerion is like Tsera, but a novice. He wants to become the Main Creator and create his own world. In order to do that, Lerion has to destroy the Earth – he needs the vibrations (aka energies) used by Tsera that flow and maintain the Earth. Lerion does not see the point of planet Earth, especially since the humans are not perfect – they have flaws. Moreover, Lerion sees humans as inferior creatures worthy of indifference.

I personally enjoyed the story. I find it to be unique and very interesting. The beginning it’s a little bit rough – it’s hard to get into it right away, since Tsera’s world is unknown. In other words, first few chapters have a slower pace, but after that, the pace picks up and the story just flows.


Eleanor is the main character of this novel. However, there are other characters as well. There are sections have been written from other characters’ point of view, and not just from Eleanor’s. The different point of views adds more depth to the novel, as well as different storylines.

I have to say that the characters are really lovely. They’re diverse, interesting, and have distinct voices.

Now, a little bit about each character.

Eleanor. The girl who saves the world. We get to read about her childhood, her family, her stay at the abbey. We get to know her pretty well. Eleanor’s adventure starts when she’s 16 and has to fight Lerion. However, her background is also pretty interesting and useful.

I like her. She is sweet, caring, loyal, smart and courageous.

Edward. He meets Eleanor while they were still children. As time goes by, he falls in love with her. Edward is also a good character. He is kind, loyal, stubborn, and sometimes immature. He has a lovely heart.

Charles. Eleanor’s father. He is one of my favorite characters. He never gave up his will to be reunited with his daughter. Charles also did everything in his power to take care of Eleanor. I like the relationship between him and Eleanor. It was a breath of fresh air to read about loving parents in a YA book.

Audry. Eleanor’s best friend. She is bold, brave, and fragile. She hides her pain behind a “I am tough” attitude. However, she is a good friend, and sister to Eleanor. I also like her relationship with John.

John. Edward’s valet and good friend. He does not say much, but he is a good young man.

Tsera. Main Creator. She is a bit of a mystery. I still don’t get if she truly loves her creation, or she just likes to be entertained by it.

Lerion. Young, arrogant, intelligent, and a dreamer. Like Tsera, he is also a bit of a mystery. The reason why he wants to become the Main Creator are quite clear. However, his character is not fully revealed in this novel.


Overall, I like every single character in this book, including the villains and the anti-heroes. I hope I’ll get to read more about them in the next book.


The romance is not the main focus of this novel. While Eleanor falls in love with Edward, their relationship it’s not the main plot of the book. However, it is still a nice addition. I like the romance between the characters, not just between Eleanor and Edward. Plus, the book also focuses on the love between friends, family, and people in general.


What can I say? I enjoyed reading The Perfect Tear by Connie Lansberg. I find the book to be unique, entertaining, and interesting. I will definitely read the next book in the series.

The only big criticism I have is the proofreading. There are awkward sentences, misspellings, grammatical mistakes. I am not sure if this is an ARC or not, since it was published in 2015. If it is an ARC, then I understand the mistakes and I have no problem with them.

*UPDATE* – The copy was indeed an ARC; thus the mistakes make sense and I am sure the final copy will be perfect! The book will come out this year; therefore, stay tuned and add this wonderful novel to your To-Be-Read List 😉

Connie LansbergAuthor Bio

Connie Lansberg is a singer/songwriter and now author based in Melbourne Australia. She’s had her original songs placed in some of Australia’s best loved TV shows that play around the world and The Connie Lansberg Quartet is a fixture in the Melbourne jazz scene. Her most recent original musical project is Tsera’s Gift, written especially for The Perfect Tear and she performs these songs throughout Melbourne. This is Connie’s first novel and the movie is coming. The record will be out soon.

Connie has received several grants from the Victoria Council of the Arts for the development of mobile phone games that she created.
Connie joined the Melbourne Writers Group in 2010 to work on ideas and scripts and during this time the idea for The Perfect Tear began to develop and take shape. She continued her education by taking scriptwriting classes at the Australian Film and Television School in Melbourne. She has two more stories to complete The Perfect Tear Trilogy and is hoping to have the second book finished in 2017
“The first thing anybody tells you about this business is to say what makes you unique and different, but I couldn’t and the very idea of it never sat well with me and after much deliberation, I finally realized why.
Because, I’m not unique or different-I’m exactly like you and I love that. We each have a unique filter through which we interpret the world, and with this filter in place, I write stories and songs and you might find them surprising or intriguing or confronting, you may relate or you may not. They may make you laugh and sometimes, even cry.
You may or may not understand what I’m trying to say and you may not understand me, however, rest assured, once we get past the filters, at our core, we are wonderfully and beautifully, exactly the same.”

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  2. Hi Laura,
    Thanks so much for an in depth review of The Perfect Tear.
    I have to say, the Publish date was an accident by Amazon . These are ARCS, the final draft is being proofed now. Amazon accidentally put the ARCS for sale. How that happened I dodn’t know! The real book is coming in 2017!

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    1. Hello Connie. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

      Ah, I see now. I had a feeling the copy was an ARC, but Amazon confused me. Now everything make sense. I’ll add info on my review. 🙂

      Thank you for a wonderful novel and new series!


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