Book Review|Freedom Fries and Cafe Creme by Jocelyne Rapinac


Freedom Fries and Cafe Creme
Jocelyne Rapinac
Short Stories, Romance, Food

Published May 1st 2012
Gallic Books



This delicious story collection brings together a cast of characters from both sides of the Atlantic. All of them share a genuine delight in good food, and each of their stories captures a moment when love is found, lost – or rejected.Perceptive, touching, and witty, Jocelyne Rapinac’s tales prove beyond doubt that eating well and love can both bring great joy to life.And for those readers whose mouths start to water as they read, the author has included the recipes for every dish mentioned. Bon appetit!



A collection of short stories about food, romance, and life. 

I personally liked the short stories, and since I’m from Europe originally, I can relate. 

The characters were well written, the pace was fast and the stories are interesting. I also liked the fact that after each short story, there are food recipes for the dishes that were mentioned in the story.  

I can’t say too much about the collection because I will spoil it for you.

If you enjoy reading short stories in general, this collection will please you – the short stories are written very well. Likewise, if you like reading about food, romance, and simple thing in life, you’ll definitely like this book. 

I know this book is not very popular on GoodReads, but I personally liked it. Don’t let the ratings and reviews stop you from reading this book. If the blurb interested you, give it a try and maybe you’ll enjoy it like I  did.


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