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“I will find true love and everything will be okay. I will find true love and everything will be okay…” she chanted.

They say be careful what you read. Something is wrong. Something is very wrong. It can happen to anyone. This is just four teenagers’ story. Aubrey Golding hates her face, her body, and is devastated after Nathan Silva leaves her. Alone, suicidal, and desperate for love, she discovers a book called Something and unknowingly links others to a dark and terrifying curse that is beginning to consume her. Nathan is glad to be moving on with someone new and can hardly believe what is happening now. Wild child and amateur porn star, Bella Broadhurst, loves bullying that “emo whore” Aubrey with the other girls, but mostly she loves partying, hookups, and plain ol’ drama when terror arises. And Kendra Coke is just a new teen mother working on a delicate relationship when things start becoming utterly bizarre. Chilling sleep disturbances and figures hiding in the corners of their rooms are just warnings of what is to come. Be careful what you read, they say. Tread carefully.

Editorial Review:
Something (Wisteria 1) is a New Adult fiction novel in the horror, fantasy, and mystery genres. It takes dark humor, good writing, and frightening and controversial subject matter to give a unique twist on its chosen categories. The nail-biting idea of a curse being spread by reading a book will make readers feel a part of the story, and more connected to the diverse and interesting characters, including a young woman diving head-first into the adult industry and a wholesome mamma’s boy named Nathan Silva. I found it to be a very exciting concept that is reminiscent of the 2012 popular American horror film, The Ring. Aubrey Golding, who is at the center of this story, is a self-harmer who fantasizes about suicide. She dabbles in drugs, alcohol, and risky sex. While she manages to inadvertently spread the curse around like an STD, she is hell-bent on winning back her love interest, Nathan, who is shagging her best friend behind her back. I just could not put down this book.
–Kathlean Thomas



I got this book from the author via Xpresso Book Tours. I want to thank them for sending me this book.

A new series! Something by Shelby Lamb will be published on March 7th, 2017! Be sure to add it on your TBR! 😉

When I read the blurb I knew I had to get my hands on this book. A book that curses people who read it? A suicidal girl? A bimbo who wants to be a porn star? A teen mum? The blurb gave me the impression that the book will be really interesting, and a little bit creepy – a great combination. I wasn’t disappointed. 


The novel is a fast paced narrative, written in four different perspectives.

As the blurb says, the book deals with dark and controversial subjects. There is self-harm, promiscuity, suicidal thoughts and attempts, bullying, damaged characters, teen pregnancy, troubled romances.

There is also a supernatural element to this novel. Thanks to a book, Aubrey spreads a curse to several characters. A curse that involves fairy tales and mythology creatures coming to life, such as demons. 

The main plot, as well as the sub-plots, are amazing. Very intriguing. The book is dark, creepy, funny and entertaining.


The novel has four points of view, even though Aubrey Golding is the main character. However, since Nathan Silva, Bella Broadhurst and Kendra Coke are all cursed thanks to Aubrey and her book, we also get to read from their perspective. Also, these three characters affected Aubrey’s life the most.

I liked how the author managed to handle the different points of view. The voices were distinct, I was able to differentiate who is who quite easily, the transitions from one point of view to another one were on point and in the right moments.

Now, a little bit about each characters.

Aubrey Golding. The sad, suicidal and self-harming girl. She didn’t have the happiest life, which might explain why she’s a little bit odd. However, I’ll be honest, she is a pain in the ass. Aubrey is the kind of person that needs others to feel good about herself. She is so desperate for approval and love, that she’ll give herself right away, sometimes to bad guys, and then she wonders why she gets burnt. You know, the kind of person who confuses sex with love, and she gets attached really fast to people. I mean, she gets dropped by her boyfriend, and she texts him multiple times a day, every day, for 3 months!!! She’s quite annoying – but in a good way. How come? Aubrey is an interesting character, she draws you in, despite the fact that she is not very pleasant. In other words, she’s like a car wreck you cannot stop looking at. Why will Miss Crazy do next? Will she grow as a person? Will she get some confidence? Will she stop with her obsession with guys, especially with Nathan? What will happen to her next?

Nathan Silva. Aubrey’s ex and current obsession. He seems to be a nice and pleasant guy. He loves his family, and he’s a hard worker. In my opinion, Nathan could’ve handle Aubrey better – especially since he starts a new relationship with a certain girl. Although, I kinda of like his nickname for Aubrey.

Bella Broadhurst. She’s your typical hot, beautiful mean girl. However, we get to understand her better thanks to the scenes from her perspective. There is a lot of pain hidden beneath her sexy and cool exterior. Like Aubrey, she also had a pretty bad life, but she deals with her problems differently. She’s a bit of a bully, especially to Aubrey.

Bella gave me the impression that she thinks her good looks is all she has. Since her ambition on becoming famous by becoming a porn star – she’ll have money, male admirers, cool clothes, fans.

Kendra Coke. A nice teenage girl, who is pregnant with twins.She’s also Aubrey’s best friend, despite the fact that she lives in another town. We get to read her problems with her boyfriend, her thoughts and feelings on her pregnancy.

All these four characters get “cursed” thanks to a book named Sometimes. All their perspectives deal with this as well, but I’m not going to say anything about this. I don’t want to spoil the adventure of reading the novel.

These four characters are not the only ones. On the contrary. There are plenty of minor characters, and they’re quite interesting. However, sometimes it’s a little bit hard to remember who is who. Moreover, some of them have similar names. For example: Carla – Caitlyn – Cassie; Terry-Tyler; Adelaide – Aubrey. Don’t get me wrong, they’re lovely names, but sometimes I mixed them up – especially Carla, Caitlyn and Cassie.


This novel has some romance in it. However, it’s not the nice, warm, sparkly kind of love you find in romance novels. As I mentioned above, most characters are damaged, thus the romance and sexy times are written more from that angle.

Aubrey falls in love with a guy she just met, which turns out to be a double agent. Annoying, but fits with her character.

This book has a lot of graphic scenes, if you will. I mean, all characters have sex and it’s not just implied. Some characters are having sex with a person they met for 5 minutes. However, the scenes are written with taste, and they add to characters’ development. My main complain to NA novels is the fact that the sex scenes resemble bad porn – they’re just there. This novel does not have this problem, which is good. Therefore, if you don’t like the typical NA sex scenes, you will not have a problem reading this novel.


I really liked this novel. I will definitely read the next book in the series. Too bad it will be a while until it gets published. I kind of want to read it NOW.


Fast Read. Once I started reading it, I had to finish it.
Interesting and complex characters. Their flaws, while annoying at times, are making the characters more real.
Nice spin on supernatural creatures. The idea of a book cursing people is quite interesting.
Deals with problems that affect young people all the time.
The different point of views offer more information on the characters. The different voices are clear and distinct.
The series is set in Canada.
The book is quite short and easy to get through.
The graphic scenes (sex, self-harm etc.) were done with taste.


There are a lot characters, especially minor ones. Sometimes is hard to remember all of them. Also, some of them have similar names, which makes it harder to distinguish between them.
I would’ve like to know more about Kendra, especially after what happened to her. What happened with her boyfriend? How did he react? Her father? What happened with her babies?


Yes, I do recommend this book and this new series. Shelby Lamb is an amazing author, and she managed to create a wonderful, captivating world and story.

I recommend it to:

People who like dark, controversial subjects, as well as dark humor. 
People who like damaged characters.
If you like different points of view.
ツ If fantasy and paranormal is a favorite genre, this series is a must read.
People who like graphic scenes. Likewise, if you don’t like typical NA sex scenes, this novel does not have this problem. The graphic scenes are well written.

I don’t recommend it to:

People who don’t like different points of view.
People who are sensible to self-harm and suicide scenes.
People who prefer likable characters.
If you don’t like risky sex scenes, wanna be porn stars, and/or drugs, this book is not for you.


Would you like to read this novel?

Does it spark your interest?

Have you read similar novels?

Tell me your thoughts in the comments below. 


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One thought on “Something by Shelby Lamb|Book Review

  1. I’ve heard of a theory that says… our mind creates reality… 😀 And this plot seems to unconsciously relate to that idea..

    You’ve got a great, wonderful way of reviewing books of any kind! I mean, even if i wouldn’t be eager to read a certain book, i still enjoy reading the review you write for it. It’s always honest, analytical, not one-sided, and overall useful & enjoyable. Really cool, Laura!

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