The Get To Know Me Tag!

I’ve been tagged by lovely Mariana @bookisglee. I apologies for the delay. I’m trying to catch up. Thank you for tagging me! Make sure to check out her wonderful blog!



Vital Stats

Name:  Laura Nicoleta

Nickname: Lauri, Lau or Lala

Birthday: December 5th 

Star Sign: Sagittarius (Sun Sign), Sagittarius (Moon Sign)


Occupation: College Student



 Hair Colour:  Light Brown

Hair Length:  Shoulder blades.

Eye Colour:   Blue

Best Feature:   I would say my eyes, but I might be wrong.

Braces:    Nope.

Piercing:    Not anymore. Used to have a nose pierce.

Tattoos:     Nope.

Right or Left:   Right-handed. However, my left leg is the dominant one. Also, I hear better with my left ear (when I’m talking on the phone).



Real Holiday:  I went to the sea side with my parents. I used to live in a mountain city, so that was cool; seeing the sea for the first time. I don’t remember they age, I was quite young.

Best Friend: I don’t know. Since we were toddlers. I was in kindergarten, and I already knew them. Miruna – still in contact and Alexandra – she moved away and we lost contact.

Award:  1st grade: 1st in my class.

Sport:  Rhythmic Gymnastic, like this (she’s amazing!):

Concert: 7th grade.



Film: Ostrov, Memories of a Geisha

TV Shows: Gossip Girl, Reign, Anastasia, The Originals

Colour: I’m not very picky. I like all sorts of colours. I’m not a big fan of pink and yellow – but only when it comes to clothes. I like red and purple a lot. Also red-black combinations.

Song: Camille Saint-Saëns – Danse Macabre, Nightwish – Nemo

Restaurant:  None

Shop: Amazon. 😀

Books: Long list. Right now, I like A Lesson in Love and Murder (if you’re curious, check out my review; you’ll find it on my main page).

Shoes: Sport, boots



Feeling: Tired, It’s late.

Single or Taken: Single

Eating: Nothing. Is too late for food.

Thinking about: This tag and when I’m going to sleep. Generally, I’m thinking about books and school.

Watching: The Original. I need to catch up.


Wearing: A thank-top and shortish pants.



Want children: Yes, I think so.


Want to be married: Probably, yes.


Careers in mind: Business

Where you like to live: I wanna go back to Europe. 🙂 Home, sweet home!


Do You Believe In . . .

God: Yes!


Miracles: Depends what you mean by miracles…

Love at first sight: Real love? No. Attraction, that can lead to love, yes.

Ghosts: Nope.


Aliens: Nope.


Soul Mates:  I wouldn’t call them soul mates. However, I do believe two people can love each other very deeply and for the rest of their lives. I know it’s not very common right now, for various reasons, but I saw it.

Heaven: Yes!


Hell: Yes!


Kissing on the first date:

Yourself: Most of the time. I have my moments.


That was interesting. Next time I’ll go on a date with a guy, I’ll just show him this post. No need to waste time :))


I tag . . .

 Maria @parisianbookshelf

Cath @trustinthewords

Carrie @catonthebookshelf

Yvo @melovebooks


Cate @midnightbiblioblog

Shreya @pastelorchids

Heather @thesassygeek

Andie @bookscoffeeandpassion

Jasmine @howusefulitis

Vivian @viviheartbooks

Raven @dreamyaddictions

Olivia @libroliv

And everybody else who would like to do this tag. Just make sure to link your post to mine so I can read your answers.

As always, you don’t have to do this tag if don’t want to.

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