Hello there. I wanted to do this for a while, but I wasn’t sure if people would like it or not. I got inspired by Em from Lyfwithem and I already received her blessing to host a writing competition.

I think a writing competition is a wonderful idea, and maybe other bloggers could take turns or host one whenever they want to.

If I host a writing competition, would you participate?

I’ll pick the best story, and I will publish it on my blog, including on the feature section, and on my social media.

If at least three bloggers are in, I will host it. I’ll give you around 4 weeks to submit it. I’ll make a new post with more details after I know if people will be interested in participating.

Please let me know in the comments if you want to participate.

Thank you,


5 thoughts on “Competition

    1. Yay! 😀
      Yes. I’ll give a general theme. I’ll make a new post with all the details after I see that I people want to participate.
      Spread the word. 😛


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