2015 Blogger Awards

Ambivert came up with this idea, and you can check out her post here.

I think it’s a fun way of telling other bloggers that you appreciate them. Therefore, I decided to join in the fun, so let’s get started.

1. You can nominate someone for multiple awards
2. The blogger of the year, and the blog of the year are the most important awards, so please think about those before the other ones.
3.The deadline for nominating people is the thirtieth of December 2015, at midnight GMT time.

-This is a short version. For all rules, check out Ambivert’s post (link above).


– Blogger of the year
– Blog of the year
– Kindest blogger
– Funniest blogger
– Best photo taker
– The blogger who gives the best advice
– The newbie :- a blogger who has recently joined but has a great blog up and running
– Prettiest blog :- a blog that has been customized really well
– The helper :- a blogger who is really helpful
– Most optimistic blogger

My own category:

-Creative blogger

My Nominees

I know the rules say you can nominate more one person to more awards, but I decided to nominate at least one person for an award. It’s more fun this way, and I can acknowledge more people.

prettiest blogger

Bea’s blog, When Curiosity Killed the Cat

Lucia’s blog, Making Days Better

Two lovely blogs.

helpful blog

Sumaya from Sue’s Reading Corner. When I started this blog I asked her for help with customizing the blog – adding different posts on one page. She was very helpful and asked all my questions. For that, I am very grateful. Thank you Sumaya. You’re the best!

best adviser

Jenaca from  Jenacide by Bibliophile gave a good advice regarding an incident with an author. She was also patient and listened to my ranting. Thank you Jenaca. You rock!

best photo

Graziella Hannan of Sweet Pea Apple Of My Eye. She writes about Life, Style and Parenting, and almost all of her posts have awesome pictures .

Natalie of Natalie’s Lovely Blog also makes and posts nice pictures on her blog. She loves fashion and her blog shows that.

funniest blogger

Anthony from A Very Awkward Blog. He writes posts about different things, and I find him quite funny, especially when he’s doing a tag or challenge.

optimistic blogger

Miriam’s blog, The Reading Belle.

kindest blogger

Rose of A Reading Writer – because she reached out to me when I posted about the fire at Colectiv. I found her to be very sweet and kind.

creative blogger 2

Oana Stefanita of Words on a Black Board. I love her poems. If you like poetry, you should definitely check out her blog.

newbie blogger

Shreya from Pastel Orchids. She started blogging in September and I find her blog cute and interesting. I wish her all the best, and I hope she’ll write on her blog for a long time.

blog of the year

Do I have to nominate just one? There are so many awesome blogs and blogger out there.

Olivia’s blog, LibroLiv. Why? Because I love everything about her blog; her theme, her customization, her posts, her writing and I also like her.

blogger of the year

Again, hard to choose.

Jenace of Jenacide by Bibliophile. She is a nice person, and I love what she does with her blog. I also like how she writes her posts and the fact that she help out authors.


Photos: Google

I edited the images with Adobe Photoshop – White Rabbit.

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