Quick Update: Starlight (The Dragonian Series #5)

Starlight, the final novel of The Dragonian Series, will be released in March, 2016. The author did not publish a blurb or announced the release date; at least not yet.

The author released the first 2  3 chapters via her newsletter. Chapter 1 was also at the end of Moonbreeze, but chapter 2 and 3 weren’t. I think she will release the first 10 chapters of Starlight before the book will come out. The same way she did with Moonbreeze. If you missed it and you want to read it, let me know and I’ll post the direct link.

That’s all the info about Starlight; at least for now. As soon as the author reveals the date, I will update this post or make another quick update.

10 thoughts on “Quick Update: Starlight (The Dragonian Series #5)

  1. Ha! I was about to ask you if you had read the chapters sent via email. Are you planning to load them up on your site just like Moonbreeze?
    BTW, chapter 3 is out as well. If you didn’t get it let me know I can email you. If you read chapter 3, let me know what you think of it 🙂

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    1. I didn’t get the e.mail with chapter 3. I’ve been busy, so I wasn’t on FB that often.

      I haven’t read the 3 chapters yet. Well, only the first one in Moonbreeze.

      I don’t know if I should post them again; if people would want to read it here, instead of just going to the author’s link.

      How was it so far? Did you like them? Looks promising? And don’t worry, I actually love spoilers, they don’t ruin a novel for me. 🙂


      1. I just emailed you chapter 3. It was good. While it is in Elena’s POV, it is Blake’s story. Basically, he is talking to her, talking to her about his past and what happened. So, it is good as we finally do get a tad more info. He’s trying to make her understand (without explaining the dent details) how he feels for her and what she has done for him so far. So, it’s good.

        Yes, please put it up on your blog (just like you did with moonbreeze) if not a huge inconvenience for you. Honestly, it was very nice coming to one place reading it all that way.

        I have a small issue of timeline Q but, I can only ask once you’re done with the chapter :D. I can wait.

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        1. Glad to hear you find them useful.
          I finished reading Chapter 2 and 3, so I’m up to date.
          What were your questions?
          Then I’ll tell you what I think about the first three chapters. 🙂


          1. My Q is regarding – Blake saying he broke up with Tabitha 5 months ago. And, Elena thinking when why did T ask for that promise? — Well, it is possible I don’t remember Moonbreeze that well since it was a long read. But, I could have sworn Blake ended with T when he woke up from his post-dent coma. And, Tabitha asked for Elena’s promise before that dent kiss. Am I wrong?
            I cannot remember exactly.

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            1. Oh, yes. I spotted that too.
              I see a few scenarios.
              1) Blake said 5 months, as in 5 months since Elena went to Etan. We know several months passed before she managed to get back. But if it’s this, than it contradicts what it was said in the next scene, since Blake also said “Your friends actually became mine in those four months you were gone. ”

              2) Blake meant that she broke up with Tabitha before she dented, which contradicts Elena’s promise.

              Either way, both scenarios are not chronological. And what I know for sure is that Elena asked Tabitha to help her with Blake, since he refused to dent; and Elena promised Tabitha that she only wants her dragon, then after she came back from Etan, Tabitha asked her if she’s going to keep her promise, or something like that. So yea, the promise was made before Blake dented.

              And it’s not the only thing. At some point Blake talks about how Elena could hear Blake’s thoughts, and how Paul was playing games etc., which happened in book 2. And than, he said ““But then out of the blue, Lucian told me the crazy mission you were planning after the King of Lion sword was stolen [..]”

              It needs serious editing.


            2. I’m glad I’m not the only one. After all, We all want to see Blake and Tabitha end, lol. And, then the chronological timeline just seemed off. Cuz I remember before the “dent kiss” Blake was still with Tabitha so to speak. All that fiasco about him not being in dragon classes with Elena. Then Elena being frustrated and turning to Tabitha so she could put some sense into the dragon which led to the famous promise.

              I don’t understand the significance of that promise?? It is not an oath like the dragons make. To me it sounded more like an every day promise — For example, I promise to return your call tomorrow — kind of promise. Nothing huge. Nothing out of the ordinary. Why is THIS promise being made into such a big deal??? Maybe, I’m missing something.

              Previously, we know that it was Blake sending signs to Jako to keep them safe. cuz it was explained the moment he woke up or was dreaming during his dent coma. But, he explains — “I woke up that night, I went to investigate. I had no idea why I woke up and I couldn’t understand this feeling that was inside of me. Matt told me about you, how you looked like King Albert, all the professors were gossiping about that. Wondering, Constance was the worst. Many had their features, Elena, many and not one turned out to be some sort of a descendant. I told myself over and over, it wasn’t the reason I woke up.” —

              Again, I’m confused. Didn’t he already know she existed? he’s the one who kept her safe all these years.

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            3. Oh, yes! I forgot about that scene in Moonbreeze where Blake said she used to tip off Jako when they were in trouble so they would run; in Moonbreeze it was said that that’s why Jako knew when to run, because Blake alerted him. And now in Starlight Blake is saying he didn’t know Elena is the real Princess? Come on!

              So far, in chapter 3 we have 3 chronological mistakes. As I said, it needs editing. The author said so as well, but I do hope she spotted the mistakes.

              Tabitha.I don’t like how she was handled so far. From the info in the last 4 books, we get that Tabitha was on and off with Blake for at least 2 years. That girl loves Blake, and she even endured beatings from him. Now for some reason is okey for Blake to break her heart because he said he never loved her. I realize that Blake and Elena are end game, but that does not mean the situation with Tabitha has to be handled so childish. I do feel sorry for her; Blake and Elena treated her pretty bad. And Elena should’ve been more emphatic with her.

              I know it’s not an oath, and just a “regular” promise, but it does not mean it should be broken just like that. Especially since Elena promised the same thing not once, but twice. I mean if the series can handle gang rape, it should be able to handle romantic situations with more maturity.

              I like that chapter in a way; it was funny enough. I also have some problems with it. It feels more like info dumping than action. We don’t get to see, we’re told. That’s actually one of my main problems with the series as a whole. A lot of telling, a very few showing.
              I hoped that Starlight will focus more on Paragea, the war, Etan, Goran, and less on romance. But from what I can gather the main plot of this series is the romance, not the action.


  2. It was mentioned in either Firebolt or Thunderlight — via Lucian — that Blake woke up and sounded different the moment Elena entered Paegeia. Lucian mentioned that Blake told him he felt “hope” and just sounded excited. But, that Blake warning off Jako in Moonbreeze, threw me off. And, of course, not sure how that happened cuz when nobody knew of Elena’s existence. At the same time, if nobody knew Elena existed then why were there dragons sent to kill her/Jako and them on the run always… when they were in the human world?? So, there’s a lot missing here.

    As for Tabitha/Elena promise, I understand what you’re saying. I just wasn’t sure if I had missed something somewhere along the books. To me, it just sounded more along the lines of oath — like failure to abiding with it will cause serious harm kind of thing. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. I agree, it needs to be handled well somehow.

    Yes, that chapter 3 was info dump. But, it is still early in the series. That’s the only way we’ll find out Blake’s side as to what happened during his “darkness” phase. I know, at times, during the series it all came across as “darkness made me do it” sort of thing. So, we’ll see as the book progresses how it all comes up to be. I know there are lot of loose ends to be filled and new ones just keep emerging.


    1. Yes, the whole Blake warned Jako/Blake woke up and felt hope/dragons attacking Jako is, well, a plot hole. That’s what it is at this point. And it’s not the only one. I don’t get Elena’s reaction to Jako. I mean, she didn’t ask the right questions, and she didn’t investigate.
      Why were they forced to move so often? Why were does dragons after them? Who were those dragons? If Jako was a dragon, maybe her mother didn’t abandon her? Maybe she was kidnapped or killed? If dragons had riders, who was Jako’s rider? Or who was Jako’s wife? Who was Jako? We kinda get answers to these questions in the first 3 books, but not because Elena fought to know the answers. And I think they could’ve been answered in book 1; all of them.

      What the hell happened with Blake’s orbs? How come nobody bothered to examine them, to check them out? o.O Yes, it will probably be addressed as the story goes on, but I feel like this particular issues could’ve been resolved in Moonbreeze. It was mentioned; we read about Blake and Elena searching and finding orbs, and then we never hear about them again. They just puffed.

      The whole thing with Tabitha is just a way to add more conflict/drama. Elena promised her that she only wants Blake’s dragon, when she knew very well she had feelings for Blake. The only reason she didn’t mentioned them is because Blake was rejecting her.

      Info dump is a no-no, especially this far in the series. There are other ways to tell what happened with Blake, than Elan and Blake having a long conversation. It doesn’t really move the plot forward, and we kind already knew what Blake told Elena. He was bad because he was dark; now he is not dark, so he’s good. Whatever that means. In a way, I don’t understand how come Elena doesn’t get Blake. I mean, she was “dark” in book 3, when she was influenced by her bond with Blake. She almost killed her friend. How come is so hard for her to believe that Blake was mean when she was dark, since she experienced it herself?

      When I said a while ago that I don’t want Blake and Elena to have insta-love, I didn’t expect this dragging out. I was hoping to read about Elena and Blake spending some time together, like going on a mission, getting to know each other, Blake showing through his action that he cares for Elena. In other words, I wanted their relationship to progress alongside the plot. Not waiting for them to resolve their issues in 4,5 books, and then go back to the main plot of the series, which was suppose to be defeating Goran. Plus, Elena knows her father is alive, I expected her to search for a way to save him, not waste her time thinking with boys.

      Ah, and another thing. Elena didn’t grow up in Paragea, right? So she doesn’t know everything about that world, their rules, their customs etc. How come she’s so quick to make assumptions or judgments without investigating more?

      Overall, I will read Starlight because I want to know how the series will end. When I read the first book, I saw the potential in it and to be honest, I expected more; more Harry Potter kind of world buildings and plots, not the romance to be the main issue. And it could’ve been developed more; you have dragons, riders, a school for them, mage, magic, a competently new world….

      Sorry for the rant. 🙂


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