The Fireworks Book Tag

It’s been a while since I did a tag. Thank you Bianca @notoriouslaylow for tagging me. You can check her post here.

Here we go.

TEXT HERE SCREAMERS – a book that made you want to scream! (in a good or bad way)


Scream in frustration and annoyance. A certain character was being ridiculous, and many other issues.

BOMBERS – a book that you read before it “exploded” in the book community

the vamp 1-2.2

The Vampire Diaries. Remember, it was published in the early 90s.

BANGER – a banned book you’ve read

None. However, many people said Twilight should be banned; does that count?

PEONY – a book/author you think everyone needs to read

This is a hard one. There are many good authors out there who deserve to be appreciated.

Rebecca Ethington is a briliant writer, and I think people should check out her books. At this moment, she has three book series out there.

 CROSSETTE – a book/series with a complicated plot

Define complicated. I’ll go with a plot that I cannot get into/does not seem interesting.

the host

Every time I pick up this book, I put down after a couple of minutes. It does not hold my attention.

DIADEM – a book/series with an amazing set of central characters

The Kite Runner

In my book, amazing does not have to mean likable. Amir and Hassan are two characters I got attached to.

MATCHES – light your own fireworks by tagging 5 people!

Olivia – bibliomad

Nya – nyareads

Megnificent Books

Sumaya – suereadingcorner

Lucia – readingwithlucia

and every other blogger out there who wants to give it a shot.

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