Formatting text pt. 5: color, size, and font

wordpress tips

Note 1: All the following are used in the so-called Text (=code) post or page editor (as well as in text widgets).

Note 2: In all the following cases, “span” is for characters, words or phrases inside a paragraph; for a complete paragraph, you write “p” instead of “span”; for sections comprising more than one paragraph, including complete posts, you write “div”.

Note 3: To apply more than one of the following (or any other elements of “style”) to the same text, you combine them in the same tag, e.g.:


Changing color

<span style=”color:#HEX HERE;”>TEXT HERE</span>

Hex color codes can be found in this or other similar webpages. For basic colors you can write a plain word instead of a hex number, without the sharp sign – e.g. “color:red”.

Changing color of links

<a href=”URL HERE” style=”color:#HEX HERE;” target=”_blank”>LINK TEXT HERE</a>

If you use the…

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