Book Review: Unhinged (Underworld #1)

Author: Tempest C. Avery
Published: April 6th 2013
Pages: 336
Genre: Fiction, Mythology
Format: Kindle


Disclaimer: I received this book from the author herself, in exchange for an honest review. I would like to send a big thank you to Tempest C. Avery for this book.


Spencer Perry lost everything the day her boyfriend died. Even when he came back as a ghost, she was never able to return to her old self. Determined to find a way to bring both of them back–him from the dead and her from her depression–Spencer hops a ride with a Reaper across the river to the Underworld where she meets the god of the dead. Hadrian isn’t what she expected Hades to be like, but when he agrees to a deal that can get her Micah back, she puts all caution aside and accepts. Too bad she didn’t realize that she’d also just accepted a lot more than one gorgeous yet frustrating god. Bad things are happening all around her, and now she not only has to worry about keeping Micah’s ghost status a secret from their friends, but also figure out who’s behind all of the accidents. All signs point towards Hadrian, but something about that just doesn’t feel right to her. Something that she hopes has nothing to do with her growing attraction towards him.

My Review

I will start with what I don’t like about this book.

I don’t like the cover. This is about personal taste; I’m not a big fan of people on the covers. It does not affect my rating, since I don’t put too much value on it. However, a nice cover is always a good thing.

* This book needs some editing. There are some mistakes when it comes to grammar/spelling, but not only that. For example, in the chapter where Spencer goes to Syn’s party. First it says that Spencer decided to wear a blue dress, but then, a few scenes later, Spencer is wearing a white dress !? Re-editing this book will improve it, that’s for sure.

* The ending seems to be a little bit rushed. All novels, including the ones that are part of a series, need to have a proper ending.

Now, the things I liked and enjoyed about this book.

There are other books based on Mythology, especially the Greek one, therefore the mythology-based idea is not original. However, Avery gives it a relatively unique twist. She takes the myths and legends, and she creates her own story with interesting characters.

The God of the Dead is not called Hades, and he is not married. A set in stone destiny is also missing, which is refreshing; no prophesies, no seers.  In other words, the Gods and mortals have free will.

I liked the fact the Avery explains pretty well the differences between the God of the Dead, and the God of Death. Hades, or Hadrian, takes care of the souls, and rules over them. Thanatos, or Thayer, marks the people who are at the end of their life on Earth; the Reapers are the ones who take care of the killing, and guide the souls to the Underworld, but sometimes the God of Death likes to do the dirty work himself.

I also like the way the author described the setting, especially the Underworld; we can form a clear picture in our minds. Avery also describes the Five Rivers of the Underworld. We get to learn more about each one of them, through Spencer’s eyes and experiences.

Small Spoilers

Spencer and Micah. Everyone would be heart-broken if their partner dies, while you were there with them. Usually, people mourn, and try their best to move on. Now,how can you move on when their ghost appears to you every single day? You can’t, not really.

Maybe the love between Spencer and Micah is a little bit exaggerated, but teenagers do believe what they feel is real, and they hope it will last forever. So does Spencer.

In her eagerness to have Micah back, she goes to the Underworld, and strikes a deal with Hadrian. I think she’s a little bit selfish, since people die all the time. She’s also immature; doesn’t think things through, she accepts the deal with the God without knowing the details. I think people who mourn can be a little bit irrational. However, after a while, especially after she saw how happy Micah was to be with his dad, Spencer should try to let him go. She saw that Micah was happy, even though he was dead. After all, she just found out that death is just a comma, not a period.

I also think that Spencer has an unhealthy mentality. She cannot live without Micah, she does not know who she is without him, and so on. This is not healthy. She and Micah are more co-depended, than in love.

Spencer has similar feelings/thoughts about Hadrian as well. She should be her own person, and stop relating on others. Also, nobody else is responsible for your happiness, not even your partner. You and I are responsible for our own happiness.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s an interesting character, and she’s a nice person, but she’s immature. She also seems to stand her ground, and she’s ambitious – she goes after what she wants. She’s not a doormat, and she’s does stand up for herself and her friends.

I do hope she grows more in the next books.

I like Hadrian; he’s fun, mysterious, and dark. Not sure if I would like him to be my boyfriend, especially since he does not value human life.

There is no insta-love in this book. Spencer does develop some feelings towards Hadrian, but she recognizes that it’s not love; at least no yet.

The main plot of this book is about Spencer trying to bring Micah back from the dead. However, the climax, therefore, the important moments are described pretty brief, and they seem to be rushed. I would’ve love the scenes with Micah and Hadrian’s ex-girlfriend to be a little bit more developed.

Overall, an interesting read. I recommend this book to anyone who likes mythology based fiction, or who wants to give it a try; it would be a good introduction to the genre. I will continue to read and review the next books. I already read the second novel, and I’ll review it soon.

It was a little bit hard to rate it. It is not a solid 4, but not a solid 4.5 either. I’ll settle for 4.25, which translates as 4 stars.


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