Duplicates/ Books I don’t need anymore…Advice

I need your advice. I would really appreciate your input.

I have a few books that are duplicates: one print copy, and one Kindle copy, or two print copies. I also have books from series/trilogies that I don’t intend to continue reading them. Or books that I’ve read, like them, but not love them enough to keep them.

What should I do with them? Keep them? Give them away? Exchange them from other books? Do a give away thingy on my blog?

Examples of books:

Lux Series: Kindle+Paperbacks — Origins & Onyx.

onyx origin



Linger and Forever (2 out of 3)

linger and forever

An Awakening Novel: 1&2

vision of skyfire visions of magic


cursed by jennifer

The Vampire and The Virgin

the vampire and the virgin


wake a water song

…and other books.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Also, if you really want any of these books, comment below or send me an e-mail.

Thank you,

~ Laura

8 thoughts on “Duplicates/ Books I don’t need anymore…Advice

      1. That’s true, postage would be an extra cost in this case, you could indeed open to certain countries / regions only. I am unfortunately in Europe.


  1. I am on a major Jennifer L Armentrout binge. I am currently reading Opal and am going to read Pure soon. Once I finish those I plan to read the White Hot Kiss books and then her standalones. I love her writing style, what did you think?

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    1. Would you like to exchange? I’ll give you Origin (book 4), if you give me one book in return:P
      I read most of J.’s books. Lux Series, Cursed, the Covenant Series….I liked them back then, but my taste changed a little bit…Jennifer is a good writer, though. 🙂


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