5 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Significant Other BEFORE Getting Married


I have always had an open passenger seat for those who have gotten stung by the travel bug and want to get a taste of road life and the adventures! There has been a wide range of folks adding their love to each road trip including ski bums, entrepreneurs, best friends, complete strangers, college students, and more. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every soul I’ve traveled with, but there was only one that I could marry and commit to a full-time nomadic lifestyle with – Alex. He compliments me perfectly and we travel as one with the same agenda – to enjoy a life free from the confines of society and live our days to the fullest! Marriage is a lifetime commitment, a road trip is at the very least a 2 week commitment. I’ve learned that a road trip is a portion of life’s struggles and hardships with all of the excitement and stoke crammed…

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