AIDS Walk, Toronto 2015

aids walk

Obviously, this post is not about books. I want to talk about an event I was part of yesterday, September 13rd 2015.

As the title says, yesterday was AIDS Walk in Toronto for the 27th time. The point of the walk was to rise money, and increase awareness.

Yesterday, $280,000 were raised, only in Toronto. The money goes to support programs for people living with HIV, and AIDS.

aidswalk234I registered as a volunteer a while back.In other words, I did not participate in the actual walk, I helped organized the event. I was assigned a role at the Registration tent. My job was to register people or teams, and put the donations into envelopes. Some of them already did this online and donated there as well. In this case, I had to look over the name table, give them a form to sign, and a flyer with the route map. Other people brought cash with them. They had to complete the registration form, and again, I gave them the flyer with the map. I also had to count the money, and put them in envelopes with their registration form. One team brought in 2 envelopes, and a box. While there were money bill, there were also many,many coins. It took me a while to count the coins; my supper double check it. Of course, most people arrive during that time, and it was a line at our table (we worked in teams of two persons). In general, everything went great. We didn’t have any problems. Near the start of the walk, fewer people came to register, which was a nice break.

After 3 and a half hours, I finally took a break. I look around the sqare, and I stumble upon a tent where they were braiding your hair in excanghe for a small donation ($5). The girl who did my hair, gave me two side french braids united into a fish tail. To be honest, I wasn’t very please with the results (yes, I know, I’m ungratefull). No biggie. It was for a nice cause.

The biggest downside was the weather. It was cloudy, and cold. I was freezing, mostly because I had to sit down for hours, and the chair was pretty cold as well. It was a little bit unexpected since this summer was super, super hot. And guess what? Today is sunny, and warm. Well, I guess I shouldn’t be that surprise. This is Toronto, after all. One day is cold, the next day is hot.

I’ll definitely volunteer next year as well! 🙂


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