My bookish pet peeves! (I)

I decided to write a post about my book pet peeves. I will not write all them here, I’ll break it into several posts.

1. Quantity vs quality

I’m not referring only to big books, but also to trilogies and series. Many trilogies can be cut down into a single novel, while series can be cut down to trilogies or 4 novels.  I’ve read several series where one or two novels were just fillers; they could’ve been inserted into the previous book(s). Of course, there are some exceptions.

Big books about nothing, or with pages and pages of meaningless descriptions. For example, 2-3 pages describing a building, then 2-3 pages describing a dress, and so on. Also, I really don’t care what the characters are eating , or wearing every single day. It does not move the plot further.

A 250 pages of a character driven and plot rich novel, is much more superior to a 600 pages novel about nothing.

2. Novellas

I not talking about novellas in general. Most series these days have novellas attached to them, either at the beginning, or in between novels. I honestly don’t see their point. I shouldn’t have to read the novellas to understand the series. Also, it is perfectly fine to start a book in the past. Most of the times, the novellas could’ve been incorporated inside the series’ books.

3. Long wait

It is connected a little bit with my first point. Sure, if you want quality, you can’t have a book in 2 months. That is understandable. It also depends on the genre. If it is a historical book, there is a lot of research involved, so it will take longer than 1 year to finish the book. And so on.

I am referring to series here, not stand alone novels. Sometimes, when I wait too long for the next book to come out, I forget what I’ve read in the last book. I would prefer a later publishing date for the first novel in the series, so I’ll not have to wait 2 years for the next book in the series.

A perfect example is The Vampire Diaries. The first 4 books were published in the 90s. I’ve read them in early 2000s. People had to wait TEN years for the fifth book in the series.

An example of a series, where the long wait was worth it, is Harry Potter. 😀

4. Writing on books’ pages

I hate writing on books, even with pencil. I like to see clean book pages.

5. Different sizes

Idly, I would like that all my books have the same length, so they would look nice on my shelves.

Also, it is very annoying when you have the first 2 books in a series, same length, then the next ones come up and have different lengths. Why?

Example: Harry Potter 5 vs Harry Potter 6



Same thing applies for different fonts/paper:


6. Covers

I don’t like covers that have no connection to the book. Also, I’m not a big fan on having people on the covers, be it a women or a couple. This does not apply to graphics.

the vamp 1-2Covers copy cats. Different series, different authors, similar covers. Why? A great example is Twilight. All four novels have a black background, with an object in the middle. Great. Now, many series/books have similar covers: a black background with a flower, or a feather or something else. How about some originality?

That’s it for today. I’ll write another post about book pet peeves, but I’ll talk about characters,plot,romance etc.

What are your bookish pet peeves?

~ L.

One thought on “My bookish pet peeves! (I)

  1. When I read the first point, all I was thinking about was the House of Night series! I get exactly what you mean! And number 3 and 6 bother me as well. Super long waits don’t do anything good to a reading audience and covers should have something to do with the book; it’s just good marketing. 😉

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