Book Review: Venom (A Dragonian Series Novelette) by Adrienne Woods

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Title: Venom

Series: The Dragonian Series

Genre: Novelette

Author: Adrienne Woods

Pages: 69

Store: Amazon

Format: Kindle

Cover: ★★★★★

Since this is a novelette, there is not much to say in terms of character development, and questions being answered. I am not a big fan of novelettes inside a novel series, but Venom was pretty good. The story picks up where Firebolt ended. Elena spends her summer at her best friends’ houses. First she stays with Becky and her mum, than she goes to Sammy at her house. We find out that Lucian is suppose to marry Adrienne, and that his parents do not approve of his relationship with Elena. Obviously, Elena is pretty upset about this, but I think in a way she was suppose to predict it. Usually, royals do not marry commoners. I think Elena was a little bit immature when she refused to talk with Lucian about this; problems are solved by communicating, not running away. Anyway, Elena seems to enjoy her summer in Paegeia. She discovers that in Paegeia dragons and dragonians travel by elevators. Yes, high-speed elevators, similar with subways in a way, but the elevators’ tubes are above the ground.

Becky and her mum are pretty rich, but both of them are nice people. On the contrast, Sammy’s family is pretty poor. They live in a old, ugly house, and there is no much room in there. However, Sammy’s family is pretty nice as well. Sir Robert used to be the King’s dragon, and Paegeia’s people accuse him of betraying the King, even though he did not. Lets just say that Sir Robert is a person non-grata in Paegeia.

While Elena and Sammy were staying at Becky’s, Blake came at their window in the middle of the night. He was drunk, and demended to talk with Elena. Not like him. Later on, they go camping, and all the gang is there: Becky and George; Sammy and Dean, Blake and Tanithah, and Elena. Again, Blake is drunk and he tries to kiss Elena, and Elena would’ve want to, Apparently, Blake can control people’s actions. Well, he is not the most dragon in Paegeia’s history for no reason.

It was a nice little read. I wouldn’t say it added much to the plot, but I don’t think it was meant to.


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