Book Review: Thunderlight (The Dragonian Series, 2 ) by Adrienne Woods

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Title: Thuderlight, book 2

Series: The Dragonian Series

Genre: Novel

Author: Adrienne Woods

Store: Amazon

Format: Kindle

Cover: ★★★★★ Again, I love the cover. It is connected with the novel’s story, and it is beautifully done. 5 stars.

The first chapter of Thuderlight can be read on the author’s website. Here is the link: Thunderlight, Chapter 1

Summary: The story starts where Venom ended. After Elena spends the summer with Becky and Sammy, she goes back to school for a new year. She is still not very good in school, and she has problems learning the new materials. However, she does not seems to spends too much time in the library trying to understand it. There is a new character introduced at the beginning of the novel, which will play a big part in this novel. His name is Paul Sutton, and he is a Wyvern. In Paegeia Wyverns are seen as bad, and evil, since most of them have dangerous powers, and sided with the Goran, the person who killed the last King and Queen. However, Paul claims that he wants to be good, and that’s why he comes to Dragonia Academy. He also claims that Elena is his rider, and becomes very close to her. Blake is his typical self; dark and mysterious. Elena starts so hear a voice in her head, which tells poems in Latin. She thinks they’re Paul’s thoughts, which is the main reason that makes her believe that Paul is indeed her dragon. There is some action, where the school in under attack by Wyverns, but everything ends well. However, at the end of the novel, one of the main characters dies, trying to save Elena. This event leads to Elena transforming into a dragon, which shocks everybody, since Elena has the mark of a Dragonian, and her mother is human (her father is a dragon, her mother human; dragons and humans cannot make dragons, only humans). I am not going to say more about it; already too many spoilers.

Characters: * Elena. I am a little bit disappointed with her in this novel. In the first book I understood that she is whining, and scared, since her dad died in front of her, and she woke up into a completely different world. However, in this book I expected her to grow a little bit. Not to become a 30 year old adult, but a little bit more mature. She seems to be very naive, and easily manipulated. For example, Paul tells her that he can plant thoughts in people’s minds. Elena, and her friends, did not stop for a second to consider that maybe the voice Elena was hearing was Paul’s mind thingy. Or that Paul planted thoughts in Elena’s mind to make him trust him. Also, I wanted Elena to focus more, and do some research. She does not know who her father is, she does not know why the dead Queen is appearing in her dreams, she does not know much about Paegeia in general, and yet she does not do any research. She relays way too much on other people. However, Elena is not that scared in this book, and she seems to be more comfortable living in Paegeia.

* Lucian. Again, Lucian seems to be a static character. The love interest, and the prince; that’s about it. He is good, loyal, kind, and a good boyfriend. His actions are not a surprised, since he was described right from the beginning as a good person. I did like the fact that he goes into the “Forbidden Woods” (that’s not the name) to fulfill his quest, and to find more information about Elena’s heritage.

* Becky and Sammy: two good friends. They’re nice, and quite funny. I think most people would like to be friends with them. Becky is with George, since they’re in a dent. Sammy is with Dean. So both of them are in love land, but that does not stop them to be there for Elena.

* Blake. The Rubicon. He is one of the most interesting characters in this series, even though is quite mean. An ass. Blake is the only person who was suspicious of Professor Georgiou, and did try to get to the bottom of it. He also protected Elena at the beginning of the novel. Since Blake is going back and forth, from good to bad, I suspect he will be more important to the story, and his decision will affect the plot. I also think he is a dynamic character, so there will be some changed with him.

Plot: The plot was a little bit slower in this novel. There is some action, but things get a little bit dull in the middle of the story. Last novel raised many questions that were not answered in this novel. However, we do get the answers for this particular novel. There are several plot twist in this novel; some were predictable, some were not. Lets just say that my suspicions about a certain character were correct. This novel also has all the plot’s element, which is always good. The problems in this novels are resolved, and answered, but at the same time new events are introduces right at the end of the novel, so the novel ends in a cliff-hanger. The resolution is a little bit weak, but at least is there. Also, the romance itself seems to be one of the main themes of this novel, which gives the impression that Thunderlight is more of a filler novel.

Romance: I am not a bit fan of Elena and Lucian’s relationship. As I said in my review for the first book of the series, their relationship seems rushed and not very realistic. I try to keep in mind that this are teenagers, and relationships at that age are not that serious and mature, but in this novel things got serious pretty quick. Lucian is supposed to be perfect, and even though Elena sometimes calls him a brat, she’s brushing it over; she does not address this issue with Lucian, and they don’t have  a proper conversations about their relationship problems. Also, in this novel there is an obvious love triangle between Lucian, Elena, and Paul. Elena starts to have some mushy feelings about Paul.

General thoughts: The 3 stars are because of the romance, and Elena’s character, but  I do like this series. I like the main ideas, and the fantasy world that Woods managed to create. The world is develop further, and we also get some history about Paegeia. The different types of dragons are very interesting, and they make the story richer. I also have to mention that the novel’s title connect with the story in a major way; Thunderlight is another type of dragons, and Elena is one. We do learn more about dents, and Dragonians’ evolution. Dents are happening when a dragon and its rider are meant to be together romantically as well; something like cross-star lovers (?). While it is explained a little bit, it is still not very clear. I guess I’ll find out more in the next novels. I will continue to read the series. Hopefully, Elena will grow more in the next novel, and she’ll not be such a cry baby.


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