Firebolt (The Dragonian Series 1) by Adrienne Woods

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I stumbled upon this little series a while ago. I was looking for a new book to read in my spare time. At first, I did not know what to think about it, since I usually do not read books about dragons. I do not hate them, but I did not have a particular interest in them either. I was pleasantly surprised with this book. Here are my thoughts on the series’ first book, Firebolt.

Firebolt’s first chapter can be read here (at the bottom of the page):  Firebolt: Chapter One

Summary: The main character’s name is Elena,and she is sixteen years old. Right from the beginning, her world turns up side down. She thought she is an ordinary girl, but that changes when her father gets killed by a dragon right in front of her. Elena discovers a new world, set inside the Bermudas Triangles, named Paegeia. She goes to a school for dragons and Dragonians, where she starts to learn about dragons, and how to become a Dragonian. Elena makes new friends, has a new love interest, and she also makes a few enemies. Most of the novel is focused on Elena at school, and how she gets to adapt to the new environment. Towards the end of the novel, there is some action; Elena and her friends try to find an important weapon that was stolen.

Cover: I loved the cover. I think it was the first thing that made me stop and check out the novel. It does connect to the novel, which is great. I also like the fact that it’s not a picture; in simple terms it is a drawing. I think the artist is very talented, and there was put a lot of thought into designing it.

The cover’s rating: ★★★★★ (5 stars)

Characters:  * Elena is not a very strong character, however she is a dynamic one. In other words, she does change (in good or bad); Elena is not the same person she was in the b

eginning.Throughout most of the novel, Elena cries, complains, and moans. I am trying to keep in mind the fact that she witness her father getting killed by a dragon, she has to live and adapt to a new world, and she is only sixteen. I suspect she will be one of those character who start weak, and finish strong. I think Elena, and the other young characters, are realistic teens. Nobody in real life would’ve expect Elena to not be a little bit traumatized, and/or depressed. At the end of the novel she shows that she can be courageous, since she had to fulfill one dangerous task (I don’t want to give too many spoilers).

* Lucian is Elena’s love interest. He is a little bit older, and he is also a prince. He is described by Elena, and other characters, as being good, kind, loyal, and very handsome. In my opinion, Lucian is a static character. He does no change much in this novel.
* Sammy and Becky are Elena’s roommates, and her new best friends. Sammy is a dragon, while Becky is a Dragonian. They are funny, good friends, and what I would’ve expect two teenage girls to be like. Becky in particular likes fashion, TV-shows, and to talk about boys.

* Blake is Sammy’s brother, and the bad boy of the school. He is a little bit of a mystery. Elena finds him to be attractive, but at the same time she does not like him very much, with good reasons. Blake is not the nicer person; however, he does risks his life to save Elena at the end of the novel.

Romance: The romance between Elena and Lucian seems to be a little bit rushed. They saw each other, and they’re already in love. I think it is a typical teenage romance, where personal characters like morals and values do not matter that much. It also seems to be a little bit of a fairy-tale, since Lucian is a prince, and Elena is just a normal girl. Also, Lucian’s parents might not be that pleased with their son’s choice. Anyway, the scenes between Elena and Lucian are pretty cute, and sometimes even funny. There is a hint of a love triangle (Lucian-Elena-Blake), but it does not develop in this novel; probably in the next ones. I would like to see the main character choosing the other guy, instead of the first love. Usually, in YA novels, the protagonist chooses the first guy, even though for a period of time she has feelings for another guy as well. Also, I usually end up rooting for the guy that will never get picked, which is not very pleasant.

The world: Adriene Woods does manage to create and describe a new, interesting world. It is original, and a breath of fresh air. The world that is created is one of the main reasons why I enjoyed this book. Woods’ dragons have a human shape as well, and they seems to do many humans things. For example. young dragons go to school to learn more about their kind, to develop and control their powers, they have school dances, and love drama.

Plot: The action starts right from the beginning of this novel. After Elena goes to school, things start to unfold a little bit slower. I would’ve liked to read more about Elena’s classes, and find out what a person can learns at a dragon school. The novel’s plot seems to have all the elements: exposition, rising action (events), climax (crucial decision), resolution (events), and conclusion. I do like the fact that this novel has a proper resolution and conclusion, even thought the end could’ve been a little bit better. The main problem (decision,event) is resolved at the end of the novel. It does not end in the middle of the action, or during climax. Since this is a series, not a stand alone novel, some questions are not answered; they’ll be answered in the following novels (at least in theory).

General thoughts: The series is targeted at young adults, in other words teenagers. I think most of them would like it, but I also think it can be enjoyed by older persons as well. While reading it, the story reminded my a little bit of Harry Potter, but not in the sense that it was a fan-fic.The new world that was created is gorgeous, and it pulls you into the story right away. I find the story to be original, and it has a lot of potential.


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